Essays on American Education System

The Complexity of American Education System

Politicians, policy elites, school administrative bodies, and the general public often debate the size and scope of the US education system. Although most people accept that some of the broken problems in the education system need to be fixed, some people deny that America’s education system is poor, as shown…

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Comparison between American and Japanese Education System

Education Systems in the United States and Japan Education in Japan is not meant to produce people skilled in the arts and sciences, but rather to produce the people needed by the state. Japan’s first Education Minister, Arinori Mori Mori (2001) asserts in his introspective and thought-provoking essay that a…

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System of Education in the U.S

The country has not impressed where education is concerned, despite the many successes the USA has made. For others, the country’s education system is, in truth, mediocre. In terms of their education systems and results, smaller nations such as Finland, Canada and others are ranked above the United States as…

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School Crime and Safety Indicators

“Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2016″ is the title of the study in which the statistical data are selected. It is a report prepared by the National Center for Education Statistics.” It is the 19th study, and it provides the most recent data available on American schools for crime…

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Education in Europe vs. in America

Globally, the education system varies. The services may be either the same or different, such as term dates and classes. Comparative education research focuses on the methodology and curriculum of studies between countries and continents (Manzon 1). It focuses on the relation between the studies and how they can be…

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President Bill Clinton of the USA

Without remembering William Jefferson Clinton, also named William Jefferson Bly III, we can’t talk about US presidents. In 1992, he became the 42nd US head of state and served until 2001. Born and raised in Arkansas, he attended prestigious colleges, including Oxford University, Georgetown University, and Yale Law School, among…

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