Education in Europe vs. in America

Globally, the education system varies. The services may be either the same or different, such as term dates and classes. Comparative education research focuses on the methodology and curriculum of studies between countries and continents (Manzon 1). It focuses on the relation between the studies and how they can be enhanced. When comparing the different education systems, the relationship between a country’s learning and culture, the general academic achievement and the effect of teaching on the growth of society is established and understood. This paper analyzes the educational disparities between the American and European systems. The similarity between the U.S. and European learning is that both two countries offer quality higher education . Most of the higher educational institutes in these two continents rank among the best establishments in the world. The culture of this quality study is portrayed in Harvard and Oxford Universities from the U.S. and Europe respectively. Moreover, institutes from the two countries have better research facilities to promote innovation and investigation (Hunt and Colander 181).
The differences between the education systems between the two nations are the school curriculum and the term calendars. The European curriculum has four stages: starting with infants’ aged five to seven, junior stage, the pre-GCSE, and finally the GSCE (Huisman 184). The A- level follows afterward. In America, the system is divided into the pre-school, elementary, middle school, junior high school, senior high school, and then college. These facts change the time that an individual takes in school. Another difference is in the period of education varying in the two regions (Hunt and Colander 186). The U.S. divides their education into three terms: fall, spring, and summer while the academic year in Europe is in quarters. These differences make the union fees in the United States to be higher than the European system of education.

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