About Policy Creation

There are two phases involved in the creation of policies: the effective and rational phase, and the political phase. The logical phase entails accepting that the policy is effective, legitimate, and a workable solution to the problem at hand. Developing policies is challenging due to the society’s growing complexity (California…

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Annual Income and Religious Affiliation

Academic study on the relationship between religious affiliation and yearly income is still very important. Economists claim that religiosity has a direct impact on comparative advantage-based economic metrics like the nation’s GDP and people’s per capita income, even if the majority of scholars share the belief that there is an…

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Lobbying as legislative subsidy.

The essay examines lobbying as a sort of legislative subsidy, in which policy intelligence and legislative effort are offered to selected politicians to encourage the fulfillment of specific goals. The article examines lobbying theories and offers an alternative perspective on lobbying as a technique of accomplishing political goals. What is…

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Culture, religion and social impact on public policy

Peter B. Evans, Dietrich Rueschemeyer, and Theda Skocpol. Reintroducing the state. 1985, Cambridge University Press. George Steinmetz. State/culture: The creation of a state following the cultural turn. 1-2 Sentence, Cornell University Press, 1999 Culture, religion, and the social impact on public policy are all important for the establishment of a…

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Formation of State and Culture

Public policy and state creation must consider cultural influences. Additionally, the study of national and local cultures serves as the theoretical foundation for how the cultural turn influences how people see the modernizing governments. The sociology of the state is then developed through historical dynamics related to state building by…

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The Life and Times of Richard Goldwater

During his time as Senator, Goldwater proposed a new political agenda, one that emphasized individualism and the sanctity of private property. He also advocated anticommunism and opposed the expansion of federal government. Ultimately, his platform failed to gain the support of the American people and Goldwater lost the 1964 presidential…

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The Evolution of Healthcare Policies and Programs in the united states

Over the course of the nation’s history, major changes have been made to the health care programs and laws in the United States. The Randolph (n.d.) social policy statement, which will serve as the foundation of this essay, claims that the U.S. health care system evolved from a modest system…

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promoting the American population’s health

To lower the danger of diseases throughout the country, it is essential to encourage improved health care for the American people. Currently, harmful habits including smoking and sedentary lifestyles as well as emissions from businesses are exposing people to a variety of ailments like cardiovascular, diabetes, and osteoarthritis among other…

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About the US Environmental Law

Environmental regulations in the US aim to protect public health while also preserving and enhancing the environment. Today’s world has experienced environmental deterioration as a result of several activities, which has had a negative impact on human health. Climate change, pollution of the water supply, and air pollution are a…

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public debates and conversations about radical issues

The paper looks into and examines how discussions about radical topics, which primarily occur in far-flung locations, have converged on the issue of girls and education (Shenila, 88). Malala Yousafzai, a well-known international activist who fought for girls’ education rights, was shot. This is true even though they are physically…

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The changing environment brought on by local, regional, and national dynamics is reflected in Iran’s foreign and security policies. The foundation of its foreign policy was formed on ideological viewpoints. For instance, the notion that the country generally held that it bore the burden of world Islam and that victory…

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The Golden Age of Korean Cinema

After the end of the Pacific War, the South Korean president made an effort to encourage the film industry, which marked the beginning of the golden period of Korean cinema. The film business was regulated and the creative space was constrained throughout the course of the following ten years by…

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