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Cuban Tourism Industry

Tourism in Cuba is an essential economic factor to the country development structure. The tourism in Cuba revolutionize immediately Raul Castro took over the country as the President after his brother. However, Cuba has faced a huge challenge of Communism, which has left the country in an economic crisis. The...

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China's Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Today, the Chinese government has enhanced its foreign policy definition in the Middle East through its military intervention that involves arms trade, peacekeeping mission and anti-piracy operations in the region. The military is deployed in the region for peacekeeping missions and anti-piracy operations, which in turn is expected to boost...

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The United Kingdom Independence Party's Impact on British Politics

The United Kingdom Independence Party is an example of how new political ideologies may have a transformational effect on the status quo by splitting the public opinion on contemporary issues. Established in 1991 by Alan Sked, London School of Economics Professor, UKIP’s influence in the political scene has vastly grown...

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The Role of Historical Factors, Current Events, Unionist Approach, and Charismatic Leadership in the Rise of the Scottish Conservative Party

The Rise of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party The purpose of this dissertation was to explore the factors that have led to the rise of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party in Scotland. The Conservatives have recently enjoyed growing popularity in Scotland as depicted by the results of the 2017...

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The Impact of Austerity Measures on the UK Fashion Industry

The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis and Brexit on the UK Fashion Retail Industry The global economic crisis of 2008 led to restrictive austerity measures in the UK to enable the government to reduce the public debt. The government induced cuts in public spending and also imposed higher tax rates...

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Smart Cities Approach in Barcelona

The chapter shall analyze different smart city approaches that are used for the modernization of four urban areas which are London, Barcelona, and Bangalore. London and Barcelona have developed economies, while India and Bangalore are developing economies, hence the results of the analysis are expected to be different in terms...

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The Impact of Brexit on Young Polish Couples

The aims to understand the experiences of the young Polish couples before and after the Brexit referendum. Another aim is to study the aspects of racism and xenophobia in the context of the Polish living in the UK under EU citizenship. Methods The approach used in collecting data to support the thesis of...

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Political, Economic and Social Implications of Brexit

The aim of this study was to investigate the political, social and economic implications as a result of UK exit from the European Union, commonly referred as the Brexit. This study will be important to policymakers in the UK as it will assess the political, economic and social implications of...

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China- Africa Infrastructure Investment

The Aim of the Paper The aim of the paper was to find out the reasons behind the China-Africa infrastructural investment. Establishing the Drivers In order to establish the drivers, the researcher conducted an exploratory research examining what previous scholars had instituted using research objectives and questions. Secondary data thus became the main...

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Should The Federal Government Take A More Aggressive Role Or Should The Free Market Be Allowed To Reshape The System?

Should the federal government take a more aggressive role or should the free market be allowed to reshape the system? Introduction The debate about the United States' healthcare reforms ranges far and wide. There are parties or individuals who are mostly interested in issues of cost escalation and how to stop it....

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The Nigerian Economy: Past, Present and Future

Nigeria gained its indepence from the United Kingdon in 1960. Six year later in 1966, the country plunged in political turmoil as a result of sharp cultural and political differences between the dominant ethnic groups namely Yoruba, Hausa, and Igo. Several coups and counter-coups took place due to the perceived...

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The Conflict Between Georgia And Abkhazia

Georgia-Abkhaz Conflict Georgia is a nation found at the intersection between Asian and Europe which was formerly a member of the Soviet Union with its capital at Tbilisi. The official languages are Georgian and Abkhaz. On the other end, the republic of Abkhazia, a de facto state, is located in the...

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