The ACA was adopted by the 111th Congress of the United States in 2010. At the moment, no one would have imagined that Obamacare’s appeal would later have damaging consequences on US entrepreneurs. Small company owners feel a lot of ripple effects. Obamacare’s notable consequences entail an uptick in the…

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Nature of Party System

Russia is a democracy with a multi-partisan structure. The Russian assembly, the state Duma, is made up of four political parties jointly. The leading political party in Russia is United Russia; Dmitry Medvedev heads it. Due to the amalgamation of many political parties, the party was established in April 2001….

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Hydrofracking is currently a crucial concern in America, causing a number of interest groups to resolve the topic. To describe hydrofracking, it refers to the deep mining method whereby vast amounts of water, various chemicals, and sand appear to be injected into gas wells under extremely high pressure with the…

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Separation of Forces

A system of separation of powers controls the governmental structure in the United States. Three different divisions are established under this form of government. They include the courts, the government (presidency), and the legislature (congress). This division means that the diverse roles within the country are successfully undertaken. The division…

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The position of the President and the notion of democracy in the United States

In the resolve of the authorities, democratic elections are important components. In the United States, political officials have a role to play in ensuring that residents are represented in compliance with the existing rules and regulations regulating the territory. Via this, the rulers are required by the constitution of the…

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This is a technique where snipers and mercenaries are hired by terrorists to execute individuals, particularly leaders of countries they consider their enemies. Terrorists destabilize nations by assassinating influential figures, presidents, or lawmakers, giving a warning that they are willing to do something as a way to deter leaders from…

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The Presidential elections in 2016

For different factors, the just-concluded United States of America elections were historic and special. The Republican and the Democratic Party became the two most separate parties in America. The Liberty Party and the Green Party were relatively recent political movements founded in the 20th and 21st centuries. The American state…

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Modern America’s Making

The Central Bank managed to cause depression with the use of strict monetary policy, according to Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the Federal Reserve. Any of the concerns posed by the Federal Reserve (fed) that exacerbated the Great Depression are below. Firstly, the Great Depression is related to the growth…

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politics and digital media

Politics may not have a definitive meaning, but what lawmakers do influences all facets of our lives. According to Arendt in the Promise of Politics, politics is the product of free people engaging without being compelled to control each other as equals (Alexander, 2014). This makes politicians the primary decision…

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Pluralism and parties with other interests

In America, interest groups include a community of citizens with a shared interest in engaging in the development of public policy. They play an important role in the organization of voters, strengthening civic democracy and articulating popular views (Morone and Kersh 285). The top three interest group theories include theories…

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The main management policy is problem solving. It is a comprehensive approach to coping with problems and can be a great success. If done correctly, it gives an opportunity for a greater sense of control over a problem. Problem solving techniques are used to deal with problems that occur everyday….

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the political science

The research by the Public Policy Institute of California addresses a variety of concerns. The specifics reveal the problems that California and its residents face. The report is detailed and highlights the implications of the above concerns on the country’s growth. The report’s main concerns include housing, health care, and…

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