Essays on International Politics

Article Opinions and a Reflective Learning Experience

This essay discusses the long-standing cultural and policy divisions in South Korean politics between liberal and conservative parties. This stalemate stems from the government’s view of the change as social conservatism and a break from the country’s uniform government healthcare coverage. The primary explanation for the policy’s resistance is its…

Words: 1958

Pages: 8

Spectrum in Politics

The political continuum reflects the left-right economic line and the devotion of people like Stalin and Gandhi to controlling economic and social life. Margret Thatcher stood at the right position on the continuum, indicating that she had an understanding that the government should be dominated by few citizens. Stalin and…

Words: 502

Pages: 2

Capitalism Global

The new period of capitalism, which is marked by the emergence of the transnational class, the transnational capitalist class, and transnational finance, is global capitalism. The international order is now transnational and the components of the system have now been incorporated beyond the reach of the nations to be internationally…

Words: 789

Pages: 3

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