Essays on International Politics

The Balance of Power around the World

The Balance of Power: An Introduction The balance of power between more strong and weaker countries is the main topic of this essay. In this study, the term "balance of power" alludes to competition between and among nations to reach an equilibrium state in the global system that is anarchic. The...

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I was always perplexed by the whole debate around North Korea's ballistic missile tests until I read Mandelbaum's article, "Is major war obsolete?" Mandelbaum's ideas have helped me gain meaningful insight into the concept of war, with particular focus on issues such as the cost of a major war, the...

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Louis Riel; Freedom Fighter

Louis Riel is still a divisive character in Canadian history, and his legacy has had a significant impact on defining Canadian politics in the past, present, and maybe in the future. While he was vilified as a fanatic and agitator throughout his lifetime and at the time of his death,...

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International Political Economy

International political economy (IPE) is a rapidly developing social science field. This field contributes to a better understanding of global and international issues by employing an eclectic, interdisciplinary approach that employs analytical and theoretical approaches (Oatley 59). The IPE's expansion is based on the breakdown of existing disciplinary boundaries between...

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Spectrum in Politics

The Political Continuum and Left-Right Economic Line The political continuum reflects the left-right economic line and the devotion of people like Stalin and Gandhi to controlling economic and social life. Margret Thatcher's Position Margret Thatcher stood at the right position on the continuum, indicating that she had an understanding that the government should...

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Capitalism Global

The New Period of Capitalism and Globalization The new period of capitalism, which is marked by the emergence of the transnational class, the transnational capitalist class, and transnational finance, is global capitalism. The international order is now transnational and the components of the system have now been incorporated beyond the reach...

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