Spectrum in Politics

The Political Continuum and Left-Right Economic Line

The political continuum reflects the left-right economic line and the devotion of people like Stalin and Gandhi to controlling economic and social life.

Margret Thatcher's Position

Margret Thatcher stood at the right position on the continuum, indicating that she had an understanding that the government should be dominated by a few citizens.

Stalin and Gandhi

Stalin and Gandhi were on the libertarian left, from a social and economic point of view.

The Libertarian Left

The left, which is the libertarian left, was the part of the political continuum that I stumbled upon. I still like being on the spectrum of my place because I believe in libertarianism where social life is governed by most people. Libertarian left gives individuals sovereign powers to control social and economic life. It brings about a modern liberal that advocates for democracy in the nation. I believe in a democracy where every citizen is allowed to participate in decision-making. For instance, in the economic line, Stalin is committed to controlling the economy, while Gandhi in the lower libertarian quadrant has the rights to control the economy. Therefore, I found myself falling on this quadrant where few individuals own power.

Political Party Association

Based on my position in the political compass analysis, the political party that I am closely associated with is the liberal party or democrat. The left-wing politics in America is commonly termed as communists. It is where people have powers in expressing their views for the purpose of decision making. Since I fell on the libertarian part in the political spectrum test, I am a stronger supporter of the liberal political party than conservative or Republican Party. The political spectrum analysis revealed that libertarians help individuals to support the government on matters about social life. Therefore, as the majority of the Americans support the most massive government, they would tend to fund social programs undertaken in the nation.

Accuracy of the Political Spectrum Test

The results of the political spectrum test are accurate because people can either support the liberal or conservative party in any given political regime. For instance, I fell on the libertarian left of the political spectrum which is the American political wing. The libertarian views help in neutralizing the strong laws that are governing the social and economic activities. On the other hand, the right-wing position makes the government exercise authoritative powers to ensure that the minority controls the social life. Thus, the political spectrum tests yield accurate as both political zones have a range of ideas that are accepted by all members of the nation.

Belief in the Results

The main reason as to why I believe in the results is because it provides a clear difference between the political parties. The political spectrum can either believe in authoritarianism or libertarianism. The outcome of the tests obtained from the political spectrum concentrate on the American political left wing, which concerns with a liberal party that requires many individuals to control the social life of people. The libertarian party seeks the consent of the public when making decisions. Thus, the American left-wing party helps in improving the social life of its citizens.

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