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Representing one of the most famous essay types, cause-and-effect writing is quite easy when you have essay examples to consider. In most cases, your work will deal with environmental protection or social issues in the media. It is valid for this kind of writing because you should start by exploring the causes of something that has happened by proceeding with an effect that it had as a result. As you will see from our paper samples, there will always be two sections of the paper that will result in a conclusion that sums it up and connects the arguments together with an intention of either proving the point or making a counter-statement in case you cannot agree with the list of your discoveries.

About Depression

Depression is one of today's psychiatric disorders in society and is one of the subjects in the visual media. Cyber Bully is a 2011 film directed by Charles Biname about Taylor Hillridge (Emily Osment), a teenage girl who falls victim to online bullying and retires from spending time with her...

Words: 289

Pages: 2

The Effects of Divorce on Children

Identifying the impact of divorce on children, some of which can be either positive or negative in nature. Many families around the world have been through a divorce journey that has contributed to their break-up (Fagan, Patrick and Aaron Churchill 2). Positive consequences of divorce on children; it can...

Words: 214

Pages: 1

Homeless and Help

Because of the societal expectations that revolve around their lives, homeless people face tremendous challenges. Lack of food, shelter, crime, and substance use are among the challenges they face. These problems contribute to psychological discomfort due to social stigmatization of homeless people. These psychological problems worsen and their wellbeing is...

Words: 1461

Pages: 6

Organization for media advocacy

The organization to be addressed is, which seeks to protect the possibility of an accessible and open internet connection. It is also a grassroots organisation working towards a participatory and informed digital agenda. The purpose of writing this case study is to examine how OpenMedia empowers people to participate...

Words: 2185

Pages: 8

The impact of divorce

Divorce's influence started as a myth in antiquity. Divorce, like a flaming bush, spread the message that it has an effect on children's thinking and attitudes toward marriage. It was previously said that if the parents were angry, the rest of the family would be as well. As a consequence,...

Words: 1437

Pages: 6

Is a factor behind child obesity parental negligence?

Obesity is characterized by excessive fat accumulation in the body (Chubdari, 2015). These fats are in the form of cholesterol, which is detrimental to the individual's wellbeing, especially to children who are unable to monitor their diets. Different controversial ideas on the topic of maternal neglect have been set in...

Words: 672

Pages: 3

how my mother died of uterus cancer

Cancer is a disease that destroys invisibly. Under my control, it progressively impaired my mother. She squandered her life away without even realizing it. A person's vitality, capacity to think, desire to live, finances, and enjoyment are all stripped away by sickness. It annihilates families like a tsunami. Her illness...

Words: 1271

Pages: 5

Human service Introduction

Homelessness is an issue that adversely affects the well-being of certain individuals, especially young families, in society. Homeless young families suffer from issues such as malnutrition, mental and psychological disability, according to various studies conducted by academics (Martin 228). Tobin and Joseph (4) also claim that, because of a shortage...

Words: 348

Pages: 2

Marriage in Congo Felicity Conditions

Three forms of marriages in Congo include religious marriages, customs and civilian/forced marriages. Each type is carried out in a different way. The Felicity Conditions of Austin (1962) discuss how they are established in the preparatory, sincere and necessary conditions. Consequently, in the three conditions of congratulations, the paper will...

Words: 737

Pages: 3

Red Banks' Hispanic Community

Illicit immigration to New Jersey has risen at an unprecedented pace over the years. The population of illegal immigrants has tripled in the last 25 years, according to Ewing, Martinez, and Rumbaut (2015). Hispanic immigration to the United States has been correlated with rising crimes in the country on an...

Words: 746

Pages: 3

Cell phone camera and Instagram have ruined the photography business

Photography was a trendy business not until the beginning of the 18th century. The arrival of mobile phones with high-quality cameras has destroyed the market, resulting in a decreased profit margin for people venturing into those fields. Individuals in the photography industry spoke about the low turnover of the company...

Words: 1733

Pages: 7

Technology Perspective Evolution

Technology can be characterized as the promotion of scientific knowledge used to address a particular need within society. We grow like technology. The arrival of the Internet, for example, has contributed to changes in people's usual social decorum. The center of technological progress is electricity, according to Leslie White. She...

Words: 658

Pages: 3

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