Ounces of Prevention

Authors Brownell and Frieden: Impact on Wellness and Obesity Rates

Authors Brownell and Frieden examine the impact on the wellness and obesity rates in America of soft drinks and other sugared beverages. The authors propose different steps in their report that can be taken to reduce the elevated intake of calories by the American public. A large portion of their discussion continues to examine the effect on the total intake of drinks of the implementation of a flood levy on sugared beverages. The authors focus much of their attention on the taxation objection and minimal focus on other objections to stress the impact that such taxation might have in reducing consumption of detrimental products, improvement of health, and increased revenue collection. Furthermore, the focus on food taxation establishes tax as the catalyst that enables the achievement of all the other measures available in combating childhood obesity. The emphasis placed on the benefits that can be derived from different forms of food taxation of sugared drinks is essential in arguing the case of a tax on food products when soft drink industries say that food is a vital part of human survival and misdirects on the health benefits of the sugared drinks (Brownell and Frieden 311). Eventually, the focus on taxes allows the authors to outline the increased substitution of sugared beverages with other healthier options.

Attention Towards Taxation: Targeted Audience and Subsidies

The attention towards taxation is necessary to draw the attention of the targeted audience is the general public, authorities, and other policymakers. Concentrating on tax as a means of curbing sugared beverages consumption to illustrate how the situation will change for the better due to savings from lower spending on health and higher revenue collection from the instituted taxes (Brownell and Frieden 311). The issue of funds is vital in the formulation of different policies by different authorities. The authors present a scenario where taxation on sugared beverages allows subsidy on other healthier products which entices the general public more than other methods used to curb increased consumption of sugared drinks.

Work Cited

Brownell, Kelly D., and Thomas R. Frieden. "Ounces of Prevention—The Public Policy Case for Taxes on Sugared Beverages." Saint Martin’s Guide to Reading, 2012, pp.308-312.

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