Impact of nurse staffing and shortage on patient treatment and safety

In the United States, there is an increasing tendency of nursing shortages. The number of nurses on staff has an impact on a range of sectors within the nursing field. One of the most affected areas is patient care quality. Inadequate nurse staffing levels in healthcare have resulted in poor...

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Australia's unemployment

Jericho seeks to end the issue over unemployment figures in this post by referring to an article authored by Adam Creighton. According to the report, unemployment data is viewed as dishonest and misleading because it does not cover all unemployed Australians. This idea has been echoed by US President Donald...

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Compensation package: a strategic tool for employees’ performance

Compensation is the overall monetary and non-monetary value granted to an employee by an employer in exchange for their labour. It includes things like normal salary, bonuses, commissions, tips, and benefits like insurance, retirement plans, and vacations. Furthermore, it is used by businesses as a key contributor to employee engagement...

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he central bank's role to modern money markets

Many central banks around the world place a high value on financial stability. Even though there is no single definition of financial stability, several economists and policymakers agree that it is necessary or even necessary for monetary policy to function properly. This is especially true given the possibility of major...

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Hyperinflation in Venezuela

Many people acknowledge that inflation is an inevitable element of life. But, in economic settings, the opposite is true. It is known as deflation (Edward, 2016). Deflation is defined as a decrease in the price of products. Although, on the surface, it appears to some to be a positive economic...

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Advantages and disadvantages of international investment - Marriott International

Marriott International's brand is well-known over the world because it is the world's largest hotel corporation. From its 2016 capital structure, overseas investment will help it to diversify its portfolio in order to mitigate the negative effects of economic recessions as well as political risks in its existing markets. In...

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The monetary and fiscal policies

Monetary and fiscal policy are powerful tools that can be utilized to affect the economy. As President, I have the ability to positively influence the economy by encouraging the monetary authorities to make reforms for the betterment and development of the economy. In my perspective, I would lower interest rates...

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Payday Loans, Regulatory Efforts, and Unintended Consequences

Most of the time, unexpected situations necessitate adequate funds in order to cover the associated expenses. Payday loans are short-term loans with high fees and interest rates that might reach 400% per year. They are known as payday loans because the lender expects the borrower to repay the amount on...

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Creating Effective Information Systems

NPV can be computed by subtracting the PV of cash outflows from the PV of cash inflows. The idea is to compare the current value of money to the future value of an equivalent amount of money while accounting for the economy's inflation rate. NPV is used by investors to...

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The four modes of paying for healthcare

Out-of-pocket expenses, individual private insurance, employment-based private insurance, and government finance are the four modes of payment for healthcare (Bodenheimer, & Grumbach, 2012). Paying for healthcare out of pocket entails utilizing one's own personal resources to pay for the services provided and the prescription prescribed. This kind of payment is...

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Negotiating the role of the Professional Nurse

Professionalization is an important feature of in-service employment, and it is reflected in the vocabulary of a wide range of job groupings. Different interpretations and dynamic elements of professionalization result in a variety of definitions with various natures and functions (Ghadirian, Salsali & Cheraghi, 2014). Professionals are those who must...

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Priorities for Union Seniority and Management Performance

Profit sharing in labor contracts is not a new concept in the American corporate world. It was first used about a century ago, and many profit-sharing arrangements are still in use in today's economic environment. Yet, profit sharing has not been a common topic of discussion in many collective bargaining...

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