Housing Industry in Poland

UK housing industry has improved tremendously over the last decade. The industry has expanded and increased its capacity, making home ownership affordable for a large segment of the population. Even though provision of housing facilities has risen in the past, high house prices continue to plunge individuals into huge debts...

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Cuban Tourism Industry

Tourism in Cuba is an essential economic factor to the country development structure. The tourism in Cuba revolutionize immediately Raul Castro took over the country as the President after his brother. However, Cuba has faced a huge challenge of Communism, which has left the country in an economic crisis. The...

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Functional Work Flow Design

The system has registration platform that allows library members including students (undergraduate and postgraduate), library staff, unit staff and the public to register by entering their username and password before having an opportunity to access library services. The public would register by paying a membership fee and once they pay...

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The Reasons Why Customers-Facing Employees Decide to Leave or Move to Another Employer or Different Sector

The methodology chapter provides a rationale and details for the research. The study investigates the reasons why customers-facing employees decide to leave or move to another employer or different sector altogether. This section elaborates the research philosophy, instruments, demographics, population, data analysis, and ethical guidelines for the research work. 3.1. Research...

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Types of Shrinkflation

Several scholars have defined Shrinkflation as the process by which a good or a product is reduced by size or quantity while the price of the product is maintained. According to the study carried out by Furceri et al., Shrinkflation is an alternative means that sellers have assumed to increase...

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A Study of Affordable Housing in Seattle

Seattle is one of the cities that are growing rapidly in the US recording a growth of population by more than 6.9% in the last four years. It has also recorded significant improvements in real estate market resulting being ranked eighth, taking third position regarding development, and fourth based on...

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The Impact of Minimum Wage on Youth Employment

Labor demand is mostly dependent on the development and labor intensity across various sectors within the domestic as well as the global economy. However, studies indicate that a decreased permanent job opportunity compared to the whole supply of labor pose a great challenge for the youth living in developing countries (Save the Children...

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Employer Branding: An Overview

Alshenqeeti, H., 2014. Interviewing as a data collection method: a critical review. English Linguistics Research, 3(1), p.39. Ambler, T. and Barrow, S., 1996. The employer brand. Journal of Brand Management, 4, pp.185-206. Backhaus, K., and Tikoo, S., 2004. Conceptualizing and researching employer branding. Career Development International, 9(5), pp.501-517. Ballesteros, B.P., Medina, A., and...

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Customer Acceptance of Automated Service Technology in the Restaurant Industry

Adoption of technology in the restaurant industry has been accelerated by emerging technological development and stiffer competition. The rising reputation of the self-service technology (SST) and gains accrued to both customers and hoteliers, diminishes the significance of personal service in the industry. Players in the industry are embracing these technologies...

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The Importance of Cultural Competency in Crisis Intervention

Different crises continue to assail the global population, some caused by human beings themselves while others by nature. Regardless of causes and magnitudes of the outcomes, most of these crises have a detrimental impact on overall mental health of their victims (Silva, Siegmund " Bredemeier, 2015). This may be as...

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Crisis Communication Strategy of Vice President of Communication at World Wide Airlines

As the Vice President of Communication of World Wide Airlines (WWA) Flight 979 that has just been reported missing on its way to Singapore from New York with 598 passengers on board, my most significant responsibility is to the passengers on board and their families. This is because when they...

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The Importance of Tests in the Process of Hiring in the Employment Setting

The two tests that are used in the process of hiring in the setting of the employees are the personality tests and performance assessment test. Personality tests can be necessary for choosing personnel in an employment setting. In the personality test, for the qualification of an individual, his or her...

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