Effect of minimum wage rises

One of the most divisive topics in the US has proved to be the minimum wage. Different US states offer different minimum salaries. Colorado has a minimum wage rate of $9.30 an hour, $8.19 for Florida, and $8.25 for Illinois. The highest minimum wage rate is $10.50 per hour in…

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Modern America’s Making

The Central Bank managed to cause depression with the use of strict monetary policy, according to Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the Federal Reserve. Any of the concerns posed by the Federal Reserve (fed) that exacerbated the Great Depression are below. Firstly, the Great Depression is related to the growth…

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Effects of increasing minimum wage

The continual increasing minimum wage since 1938 has been affecting people living in the United States both for good and for bad. The current raise in minimum wage for people in Washington to $11 per hour has seen the economy of the State enlarge severely. In most occasions, a raise…

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business communication that is intercultural

The essence of today’s corporate world calls for the introduction of appropriate intercultural approaches to day-to-day business communications. The mode of communication is crucial provided that it allows individuals to connect through societies as the environment increasingly shrinks. Today, people do not only do business with their families or nations;…

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Health Data Management Article

Health records contain information such as compensation and medication information; they serve as the primary means of contact between clients and their health care providers. They serve as a valuable tool for clinicians in providing the best possible care. Paper, electronic, or hybrid records (a mix of paper and electronic…

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The Affordable Care Act’s Beneficial Effects on the Long-Term Care Industry

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has faced much criticism and support in recent years (PPACA). Its implementation, which began in 2010, resulted in significant changes in healthcare, especially with Medicare (Rosenbaum, 2011). Long-term treatment for the most disadvantaged people, such as the disabled and elderly, accounts for a…

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Role of Government in Europe and Asia

The processes that shaped the creation of feudal countries in Europe are defined in this brief passage. The use of humorous vocabulary by the author was quite impressive when making a contrast between Asia and Europe. In the novel, the author implicitly referenced the Asian government’s inability to take the…

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requirements for buy american

Buy American Requirements as stipulated in the American Buy Act. The most general and commonly followed law on the government purchase of domestic goods in the United States is probably the Buy American Act of March 1993. Generally, the objective of the Act is to protect industries in the U.S….

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Impact of Raising Minimum Wage

One of the most contentious issues in the United States of America is the minimum wage (US). Different states in the United States have different minimum wages. Colorado’s minimum wage is $9.30 per hour, Florida’s is $8.19, and Illinois’ is $8.25 per hour. California has the highest minimum wage rate…

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Arguments In Support Of Minimum Wage

Over the last two years, the minimum wage proposal has sparked several controversies. The program is a statute passed by state legislatures to shield employees from unequal wages (Hohberg and Lay 1). About every developed country, as well as several emerging countries, has implemented a minimum wage program in order…

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Past Present Pieces on Banking Crisis

The Great Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 is widely regarded as the worst of its kind in postwar history, with economists claiming that it is only equal to the Great Depression in terms of magnitude and duration. The fear of this aspect has necessitated the need to make parallels between the…

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