Essays on Gross Domestic Product

Limitations of Gross Domestic Product

GDP and Its Limitations Growth domestic product (GDP) acts as an indicator of a society's standard of living. The statistics from the GPD are useful in measuring and comparing a nation's economic progress (Robert et al. 6). However, GDP does not directly account for environmental quality, activities conducted outside the market,...

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The Importance of Monetary Policy in the Rise and Fall of Gross Domestic Product

A nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) shows the citizens’ economic stability and their living standards.  The GDP of a nation can be affected by various factors like the change in interest rates, inflation and adjustment in the demand and supply of goods and services. The government’s fiscal and monetary policies...

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Opportunity Cost of Investing in Human Capital

The level of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) The level of the Gross Domestic Product of a nation measures the total amount of income earned at a given time in the economy as well as the total expenditure out of the production of services and goods in the economy. Gross Domestic Product...

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The Divergence of Gross Domestic Product and Median Household Income

The Disparities in Measuring National Welfare The subject tries to identify the disparities that occur during the measurement of the overall national welfare of the country without considering the real changes in the households of the country. In most countries, GDP per Capita is attributed to growth in economic performance at...

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Analysis of the Gross Profits of the 150 Stores in Australia

The gross profit of the business was analyzed for all the 150 stores in the different states and the following results were realized. All the stores in total generated a combined profit of 140 Million. Figure 1: Histogram showing the distribution of profits The histogram is skewed to the right indicating that...

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Singapore's Gross Domestic Product

Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that is concerned with studying the aggregate behavior and performance of an economy. Thus, it focuses on alterations in economic indicators such as unemployment index, gross domestic product, and inflation and growth rate. Governments and business organizations use macroeconomic models during the formulation of...

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Immigration From Asia Has a Connection to America

America experienced a Golden Age of prosperity between the close of World War II and the early 1970s. Immigrants who were opposed began to trickle in as a superpower and hub for capitalist fighters for safety from communists. As the $200 billion in war bonds that gave the funding for...

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Military Expenditures

The History of US Military Spending The American government used to spend very little on security—roughly 1% of the country's gross domestic product—during times of global peace. (GDP). Due to the government using all available resources during times of conflict, military spending in the United States has never been lower than...

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Monetary Policy Tools

A recession and the role of the Federal Open Market Committee A recession is described as a significant deterioration of a country's economic activities that typically lasts several months. Changes in real income, industrial production, employment, wholesale and retail sales, and the country's GDP are typical indicators. A recession usually begins...

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Economists revise up US growth forecast for 2017 by Romei Valentine

According to a Financial Times article published on January 25, 2017, US President Donald Trump signed a variety of executive actions aimed at increasing US protectionism. Furthermore, economists believe that the economy s GDP will expand in the future. The essay addresses the four issues listed below: \/p Analysts foresee...

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The Impact of Different Economic Concepts on Australian Economy

Australia's Economic Growth Australia's economic growth has been influenced by a variety of economic activity and trends. The value of national expenditure and output has increased, resulting in an increase in real GDP. Furthermore, a boost in the aggregate supply and aggregate demand for investment, capital, and labor productivity has resulted...

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Credit forms and Role of Credit

Credit and the US Economy Credit is an important component of the US economy since it serves as a transaction mechanism between the US and its borrowers, with the borrowing countries repaying the money granted to them with interest. The credit boosts expenditure in the US economy, improving income levels (Knoop,...

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