Essays on Inflation

Hyperinflation in Venezuela

Many people acknowledge that inflation is an inevitable element of life. But, in economic settings, the opposite is true. It is known as deflation (Edward, 2016). Deflation is defined as a decrease in the price of products. Although, on the surface, it appears to some to be a positive economic...

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Creating Effective Information Systems

NPV can be computed by subtracting the PV of cash outflows from the PV of cash inflows. The idea is to compare the current value of money to the future value of an equivalent amount of money while accounting for the economy's inflation rate. NPV is used by investors to...

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The inflation rate in the United States

The United States' inflation rate is currently low, resulting in slow economic development. Low inflation in the United States can be attributed to a variety of factors, including consumer caution. Another reason is that numerous companies and businesses have similarly limited their investment. Nevertheless, US Federal Reserve officials' predictions and...

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Nikos Kazantzakis

Nikos Kazantzakis is a controversial figure from the twentieth century. He is known for his inventiveness, political inclinations, and convictions, all of which contribute to his greatness as a philosopher and thinker. As a result, his reputation as a Greek philosopher has been compared to that of other great Greek...

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Three Ways to Control Inflation

Inflation is the general trend in the cost of goods and services. However, it can be distorted by various factors. Whether there is a demand for products or a supply, consumers can be hit by higher prices in either direction. As a result, policymakers often focus on "core" inflation, which...

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