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Unemployment is one of the main social-economic problems in the world, making unemployment essay writing an important task to help understand unemployment and its consequences. The unemployment rate in the country influences the level of crime, people’s living conditions, the availability of skilled labor force, emigration, etc. The task of the government is to keep the unemployment rate low. This is achieved by taking various measures: creating new jobs, updating the education system to meet modern labor market conditions, creating favorable conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, etc. – people explore various possible measures in their unemployment essays. We compiled some great unemployment essay samples for you to check out if you're having trouble with your essay. Reading samples of other people’s essays on unemployment is an efficient way to study the subject through other people’s opinions.

The Sociological Perspective on Unemployment in Australia

The Sociological Perspective The sociological perspective looks at the issues which affect the society and looks at the assumptions and beliefs underlying a social problem. The public issues affect the entire society or a large group of people depending on the patterns and behavior of the society. The social construction and...

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The Reasons Why University Graduates Can't Get Hired

What I found most interesting in the article by Ronald Alsop are the reasons why most university graduates are unable to secure meaningful employment. Some of these interesting yet compelling reasons include the fact that most employers expect all job applicants to bring a mid-level professional work experience as well...

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Types of Unemployment

Types of Unemployment There are many types of unemployment, one of them is clinical employment is where individuals lose their jobs as a result of the decrease in demand. There is also demand deficient unemployment, which is caused by insufficient demand, which could generate the required level of employment in a...

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The Effects of Unemployment on the United States

Unemployment Unemployment is a situation whereby aspects of manufacture are willing and are capable of being hired at the governing market wage rates but are compulsorily unutilized or underutilized.\u00a0 \u00a0The number of unemployed individuals will depend on the price of expansion of work opportunities which in turn depends on the level...

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The Issue of Unemployment in the Philippines

Unemployment in the Philippines Unemployment is a major issue that influences a nation's politics. The statement about unemployment in the Philippines attracts many political views. The unemployment rate in the Philippines is high because of the unavailability of jobs to be offered to people. The growth of unemployment rate in the...

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Measuring Unemployment in the UK

Employment and unemployment are very critical economic indicators. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how the figures for unemployment are obtained and assessed. Thus, there is need to figure out which people are termed as unemployed. In the UK the ONS quotes the unemployment figures after every three months which is...

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Unemployment and Recession

Unemployment entails a situation whereby a section of people in an economy’s work force who have the capacity and the will to work but they lack jobs. It is expressed as a percentage of an entire work force. It is calculated as a ratio of the number of unemployed people...

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Sociological Imagination and Unemployment as a Social Problem in Australia

A sociological perspective of social problems A social problem is a condition that is deemed to have negative effects on individuals and the social world. Sociologists have used various theories to come up with a sociological perspective of social problems including unemployment (Loseke, 2017). This paper will explore the theory of...

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Effects of Unemployment on the Society

Unemployment and its Effects on Society Unemployment represents a situation where an individual is willing to work but has none. Unemployment has many effects on the society. These impacts can be mental, physical, and economic. Unemployed people usually tend to have less money to spend and are unable to buy some...

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Poverty cause

Being in a condition of scarcity, or not having enough possessions, is what is meant by the complex concept of poverty. Most often, poverty in a particular area is defined as a condition in which people make less than $2 per day. For instance, the Census Bureau's 2017 estimates for...

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Key Economic Points from the Article

US Weekly Jobless Claims According to a CNBC story, the US weekly jobless claims were 232,000, compared to 240,000 predictions (CNBC, 2017). This study implies that the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits has decreased in six months, and the data further demonstrate the tightening in the labor market, prompting...

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Economics Critical Thinking

Every month, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the unemployment rate in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics used data from the U.S. Bureau of the Census's Current Population Survey (CPS), which covers 60,000 members of the civilian population over the age of 16. (Marthinsen 73). The unemployment...

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