Reducing National Debt in the United States

The United States Government Debt Issue The United States government just like other jurisdictions have debt that is rising every minute and making the citizens question the eligibility of their administrations. By September 2018, the U.S government debt increased to $21516058 million from $21458850 in August (Trading Economics). The debt refers...

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The Importance of Public Debt

There have been an increased number of debates trying to justify whether public debts which emerge as the result of deficit spending by many governments are the pillars of economic growth and development or economic derailing initiatives adopted by these governments.  Recently most governments especially those from developing nations greatly...

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The Importance of a Good Credit Score

A credit score is the amount of risk that a person will fulfil his or her obligations on a loan, mortgage, or credit card payment that they take from a lender. The credit score is important in determining the risk that the person poses for the lender’s money, which allows...

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The bankruptcy trustee

The debts due by the partnership's limited partners cannot be collected by the bankruptcy trustee. The partners are not liable to the company, according to the proper filing. (Bebchuk, 2005). However, the bankruptcy office may decide to liquidate all of the partnerships' properties in order to pay off all outstanding...

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The stories ‘Grow up? Not so fast’ by Lev Grossman and ‘Debtors Prism’ by Margaret Atwood

The tales titled "Grow Up? Lev Grossman's "Not so fast" and Margaret Atwood's "Debtors Prism" both deal with topics that, despite appearances in society, are of vital significance. Lev Grossman does a good job of describing a new era of life that is populated by the distinct age group he...

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Credit card debt

One of the most significant financial obstacles that the majority of people encounter on a regular basis is credit card debt. People who use credit cards should ideally have a steady stream of income that ensures they can repay the debt. This isn't always the case, though, as the majority...

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The main thesis by Leonhardt

According to the article, Leonhardt's major argument is that the great consumer bust served as the primary impetus for the great recession. "The auto industry is on pace to sell 28 percent fewer new vehicles this year than it did 10 years ago," says Leonhardt as a concrete example. Another illustration...

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Interest Rates definition

A person may borrow, lend, or deposit money After a certain period of time, that same person may be compelled to pay (borrower) or receive (lender) a part of the amount borrowed or lent. Interest rates refer to the percentage that the lender receives from the borrower, or the person who...

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Debt vs Equity Financing

Debt and Equity Financing Debt is the borrowing of money to fund your business from a financial institution, banks, or other financial companies. Yet, equity includes bringing in partners to supply funds in exchange for a share of the firm's ownership. Also, debt is more dependable than equity. These are because...

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Vocus Group Limited

On June 7, 2017, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) made an unsolicited proposal to purchase 100% of Vocus Group Limited's shares for $3.5 per share in cash. The plan makes several assumptions such as the net debt for 30th June 2017 is less than $1.1 billion and the earnings...

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A company’s financial statements

The Importance of Quality Financial Statements The financial accounts of a corporation are a representation of the firm's position, hence quality is critical. Financial statements inform the company about its financial situation, and if they are wrong or of poor quality, the company might be thrown off balance. There are four...

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The United States Treasury

The United States Treasury divides government spending into required and discretionary spending, as well as debt interest. Mandatory spending is spending that Congress legislates for outside of the regular appropriations process, and it accounts for around 90% of federal expenditures (Himmelstein & Woolhandler, 2016). Discretionary spending is the component of...

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