Essays on Non-Profit Organization

The International Committee of the Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross actively supports conflict victims, strengthens and promotes humanitarian efforts, and raises awareness of universal values among its constituents. In the contemporary world, political violence and conflict have become all too common, affecting an increasing number of people who frequently ask for help with...

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Organization: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

I've always had a strong enthusiasm for the younger members of our society. Therefore, I am interested in any group that promotes the safety of children. UNICEF is a global organization that promotes children's growth in many nations around the globe. The institution's websites feature a unique logo that speaks...

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Organization Overview

An international non-profit group called the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) was established in 1979. The mission of this group is to prevent, treat, and ultimately eradicate anxiety, depression, and other related disorders worldwide. Through practice, research, and education, this group carries out its mission. The ADAA is...

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United Nations Children's

A nonprofit group called United Nations Children's Fund runs initiatives to advance children's welfare in unstable environments. (UNICEF, 2016). The current global environment presents a wide variety of difficulties for children, such as AIDS, violence, abuse, and environmental deterioration. New challenges are also brought about by shifting social, political, and...

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BMGF - Global Healthcare Policy

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) was established in 1994 with a $94 million starting investment. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is currently the biggest charitable group in the US, with an estimated market value of $33.5 billion. A Board is the BMGF's superior. The Board of Directors, which...

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Proposal Request

EHR software is required by the 356-bed, non-profit UNE Medical Center in the East. The purpose of this RFP is to identify a reliable supplier of software for our brand-new integrated EHR system. Our intent is to replace our existing EHR system with the software, meet meaningful use initiatives, and...

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What could be better than giving your time to a neighborhood nonprofit? Young people are eager to attend networking events held in bars and restaurants, I've lately discovered. A young person's goal might not always be to set aside time to take part in a volunteer project at their local...

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The Helper Foundation

The Helper Foundation is a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Los Angeles. Its main function is to provide gang prevention and intervention services, with the aim of altering gang members' perspectives and addressing both internal and external gang problems. Their goal is to assist young people who are struggling and...

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Principles of holistic nursing

Come and discover AND JOIN the one place where holistic nursing principles are formed and enhanced. In addition, meeting with other nursing professionals will help you expand your expertise and network. The American Holistic Nursing Association (AHNA) is a non-profit organization noted for its involvement in establishing holistic nursing as the...

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Rwanda Girl’s initiative

Rwanda Girl's Initiative is a women's development and empowerment organization that aims to educate and economically empower Rwandan girls. This programme was created to lift girls out of poverty and to reduce women's reliance on men. For a long time, men dominated most economic activities and education because society supported...

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Piedmont Athens Regional

Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital and regional referral center serving seventeen counties in Northeast Georgia and Athens. It was founded as a community hospital by physicians in 1919. It employs over 3,300 people, including physicians and other healthcare professionals. The hospital provides 24-hour emergency treatment as well...

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Summary of the risk management plan

This is a plan developed by the ECRI Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of healthcare research. The risk management plan is focused on patient and employee safety, as well as potential operational and property concerns. This risk management strategy is a conceptual framework for some of the...

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