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Volunteering is an activity of non-profit, voluntary and mission groups or the community (Centre For Volunteering, n.d). Volunteers support a safe and dynamic group. They work together. The group as well as the individual benefit from volunteering. Increased relations between people build a sense of social engagement and obligation (Findsen,2016). The mobilization of community resources and capacity expansion by voluntary staff also increases the image of an organization, and can draw more volunteers and resources. Therefore, community agencies should create a conducive environment that empowers and motivates volunteers to perform their duties.
Firstly, community agencies should maintain constant communication with the volunteers. Effective communication creates a sense of belonging and appreciation (Chitrao, 2014). Also, it creates an environment where individuals can air their views and opinions regarding ways of improving performance. Moreover, communicating with people often is a source of motivation and usually results in increased productivity. Besides, it helps in getting feedback which is essential in evaluating performance and identifying areas that need improvement (Volunteers: The Heart of Community Organizations, n.d.)
Secondly, recognition and regular reinforcement are critical aspects in enhancing the volunteer process in Canada. According to Abraham Maslow, offering rewards is an efficient way of improving the productivity of a workforce (Link Between Motivational Theory and Reward, n.d.). Also, providing opportunities for the volunteers to advance themselves acts as motivation to them and keeps them goal-oriented.
In conclusion, employees play a significant role in community development and progress in Canada. Even so, lack of proper communication with the supervisors and the management as well affects their performance. The Community agencies mandated with the administration of volunteers should maintain frequent contact with the workers and motivate them through recognition.

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