The Impact of Employee's Stock Ownership on Productivity

Employees play a vital role in ensuring high production rate and quality of products in an organization, and hence managers always find various mechanisms of motivating them. According to O'Boyle et al., (2016), employees' ownership or buyouts "has a small, but positive and statistically significant relation to firm performance."  Shared...

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The Role of Mobile Money Technology

Banking services and payment solutions are an important economic pillar of any community because they ease the fundamental process of business exchanges. In the recent past, innovations in the banking sector have changed the conventional notion of recognized monetary organizations such as banks (Mas 124). The capacity to engage in...

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The Payback Period Method of Capital Budgeting

The payback period method of capital budgeting technique is an essential aspect that many organizations utilize in projecting their expected rate of returns from an investment. The payback method attempts to highlight the time it would take for a project to recover its initial cost of investment. Before organizations undertake...

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Advantages and disadvantages of ETFs

ETFs are funds that track a stock index, bonds, or commodities. In contrast to mutual funds, exchange-traded funds are not actively managed, since their policy is only to reproduce the same diversification of a particular index.[1] Investors in these open-end funds pursue a passive investment strategy. Banks usually offer two different...

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The Role of Middle Office in Investment Banking

Middle office is a term that refers to a team of employees working in a financial services institution whose significant roles and responsibilities involve managing risks, calculating losses and profits. These people also work in the information technology departments of different organizations. Financial services institutions are rationally divided into three...

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Paypal and Monzo Mobile Banking Comparison

The emergence of online banking brought change to the banking industry and made banking experience better for the customers since they can get access to the details of their bank accounts any time wherever they are through the website of the bank. Continuous advancement in the technology has even made...

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The Outsourcing Decision Matrix

One of the most important decisions is which tasks to keep in-house and which activities to outsource. Its impact on an organization’s financial performance could prove significant in the long run since the latter choice can reduce overheads, free up time for other vital tasks, and bring expertise to the...

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Income Statement Analysis

Q. Does the firm need to borrow money at the end of the year to meet expenses? Why or why not? A. Yes, the firm needs to borrow money at the end of the year as it is going in net loss and it will be difficult for it to meet...

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The Contribution of Tertiary Industry to the Economy of Developed Countries

Developed countries are on the verge of transforming into service economies as the market share of the tertiary industry employment and activities continue to be on the rise. For example, in the United States, the service industry has witnessed a great surge in services that were traditionally in-house but now...

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SWOT and PEST Analysis of The Banking Sector

Banks are financial institutions which accept deposits from the public and private organizations and creates credit to individuals and organizations who are in need of finance. The banking industry is a vital and sensitive sector of the service industry in the whole world. Over the recent past, competition in this...

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The Importance of Codes of Ethics in Finance Industry

Codes of ethics are essential for any organization because they drive professionalism in the workplace and direct the workforce to uphold organizational values. Having a code of ethics further guides institutions in their conduct with the external environments. Despite the criticality of codes of ethics, some companies are yet to...

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Future Collaboration in Banking and Finance Industry

Banking and finance are among the most dynamic sectors which highly utilize information systems and technology. As a result, within a short period of time, chances are, much happens regarding the information systems management in controlling the operations. Increased competition in Banking and Finance industry necessitates the need towards increased...

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