The recent increase in claims filed with the tribunal raises serious concerns about employment equality in commercial businesses, organizations, and cooperatives. It was one of the key elements that contributed to the creation of the present legal framework for employment equity and dispute resolution in the UK. Employment equity has...

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Trusts and Equity

The Concept of the Three Certainties The concept of the three certainties was first explained in the English case of Knight v. Knight (1840) 49 ER 58, heard by the Court of Chancery, where the testator had given his real and personal property in the form of the will. In this...

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equity and trust

A trust is valid in terms of justice and trust only if it satisfies the requirements for considerable capacity, certainty, constitution, and formality. The parties in issue have the authority to make a trust disposition if they have capacity. It denotes that a person has a claim to, or is...

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Telstra Financial Reporting

Telstra Corporation Limited files its financial statements in accordance with the AASB financial guidelines and all other AASB definitive pronouncements. Telstra follows the AASB guidelines, pronouncements, and interpretations in preparing its financial accounts. According to the Conceptual Framework (CF), financial reporting's aim is "to include financial knowledge regarding the reporting...

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walt disney

The Walt Disney Company: An Overview The aim of this report is to provide a thorough overview of The Walt Disney Company, also known as Disney. The group, along with its subsidiaries, operates in four market segments: Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, Studio Entertainment, and Consumer Products and Interactive Media. Despite Uncertainty,...

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Fashion Industry and Brand Equity

Marketing results and brand equity Marketing results or effects of a product are represented in brand equity if the brand name suits all that it can accumulate without a brand identity (Ailawadi, Lehmann & Neslin. 2003). Brands with higher equity levels contribute to outstanding results which include stable pricing premiums, higher...

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Overlooking Social Issues

Introduction Government corruption, gender/domestic abuse, healthcare, educational equality, among others, are some examples of social problems. A portion of these social issues are still being neglected today. For starters, the biggest social issue that affects everybody is government corruption in the nation and around the world. In most governments, there have...

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Communitarianism

The value of social cohesion and equity is one of the theory's benefits (Selznick 445). Other modern cultural practices, such as liberalism, capitalism, and enlightenment, have resulted in wealth disparities. Disparities between rich and poor people create divisions, which lead to social issues like crime. The poor performance of American...

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Social Injustices in the US

Some social injustices ranging from racial inequality to pay equality have been faced by the US. The current paper will concentrate on pay equality as social inequality, evaluating the essence of the gender pay gap in the US. Research reveals that in the US, a woman receives 80 percent of...

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