Essays on Corruption

Corruption in America

Bauhr, Monika, and Marcia Grimes. “Transparency to Curb Corruption? Concepts Measures and Empirical Merit.” Crime, law and Social Change, vol. 68, no. 4 ,2017, pp. 413-458, Accessed 4 May 2018 Summary: The authors are keen on defining what transparency is and they definite it as a condition that helps to...

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The Issue of Government Accountability and the Plague of Corruption

The Issue of Government Accountability and Corruption The issue of government accountability and the plague of corruption are issues that should make citizens lose sleep at night. In a world where transparency, integrity, and answerability are key issues that politicians and other government officials in numerous positions are very vocal about,...

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Analysis of Corruption in South Korean Sports Industry

Corruption in South Korea Corruption is a widespread plague in many countries including those that are most developed. Corruption does emanate from business transactions and government transactions. In business transactions, corruption has the chance to be beneficial since both transacting parties gain. On the other hand, government corruption rarely yields positive...

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The Issue Of Corruption

Citizens usually offer various good to the law enforcement officers. The reasons why they do so vary from the need for a biased treatment to just being a grateful citizen to the service. To take or not to take these goodies has been a serous topic of discussion over the...

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The Phenomena of Corruption

One of our society's earliest and most pervasive phenomena is corruption. Particularly, it has left its mark on every nation on the planet in some manner. In this context, corruption refers to unethical behavior of people in positions of power for their own personal gain. Corrupt practices have a variety...

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Gender Inequality and Corruption

Corruption and Gender Inequality Corruption and gender inequality are inextricably linked. Gender inequity undermines proper administration, development outcomes, consistent growth, and poverty alleviation. Females perceive, experience, and suffer from corruption in ways that men do not (International 1). Women's political, social, and economic responsibility in a country shapes how they interact...

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The progressive era Immigration

Between the years 1890 and 1920, the United States had a widespread period of political reform and social action known as the progressive age. The primary goals of this progressive error, also known as the Gilded Age, were to end government corruption, strengthen small businesses, deter monopolies, and persuade citizens...

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The Federal Rulemaking

Interest Groups and their Influence on Policymaking Interest groups are persons or organizations that affect policymaking in some way because they share a common point of view or concern. Most of the time, these groups impose this by lobbying government members. The influence of interest groups in policymaking is not a...

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Anti-Corruption Campaign of Xi Jinping

The last 30 years have seen both huge economic growth and a significant surge in corruption. The country now ranks 80th in the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, but it also has one of the highest GDP per capita growth rates in the world. Many economists refer to this pattern...

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Corruption Problems of Democracy and Kleptocracy, and the Comparison of the Problems and Solutions in Both Regimes

The extent of corruption in international negotiations The extent of corruption in international negotiations has recently become a source of concern for several regimes. While corrupt individuals constantly benefit in the short run by sharing looted benefits with corrupt leaders, the public continues to lose huge amounts of money. According to...

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The Republic of Haiti Essay

On the Caribbean Sea's Hispaniola Island lays the Republic of Haiti. Due to problems including political instability, corruption, gang violence, a lack of economic opportunities, and weak governance, Haiti has the poorest population in the Western Hemisphere. Researching Haiti's lending institutions, healthcare system, and human capital is the aim of...

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The FIFA Organizational Structure

In contrast to other institutions, FIFA's organizational structure and vulnerability to corruption In contrast to other institutions, FIFA’s organizational structure is notable for exposing it to corruption. Numerous fraud incidents involving politicians have surfaced recently, allegedly signaling the need for additional reforms. The structure can be improved so that it functions...

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