Essays on Globalization

Operations Managers in a Global Environment

In the multiplex business environs of the 21st century, organizations of all size from small business to large corporations are involved in different types of ethical and cultural issues. Therefore, companies have the role of developing codes of ethics and conduct that every stakeholder of the firm must put in...

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The Validity of the Term Third World: A Case Study of China and India

The term “Third world” was coined during early 1950s by Alfred Sauvy, a French economist in his writing on L’Observateur magazine about masses. Before the French revolution, third world represented weak politics, alarming economic poverty and social marginalisation. During the cold war, the term identified the countries which were reluctant...

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The Third World and Globalization

In many parts of the world, the term, ”third world” triggers visions of impoverished nations constantly struggling to meet the most basic human needs. Such a notion may be true in contemporary societ. However, the origin of the term can be traced back to the countries that lacked an alliance...

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Analysis of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

International organizations play a critical role in the improvement of economic development and growth of various regions in the world. In the course of conducting their operations, various organizations face some challenges that adversely affect their operations. Some of the prominent international institutions that have substantially contributed to the development...

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Globalization as a positive phenomenon

Globalization Globalization has been defined using different perspectives, but all the definitions revolve around the global interconnectedness of economic and political relationships and computer networks. Globalization primarily entails the manner in which industrial and commercial organizations relate with each other irrespective of their locations in the world; the interaction between these...

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The Impact of Globalization and Development in the Film "Burn!"

Globalization and Development in "Burn!" Majority of scholars that have studied development as a topic agree on the fact that it is not easy for developing countries to jump from underdevelopment to the developed world, and that it goes hand in hand with civilization and globalization. It has also, for a...

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Wendy Brown Overview on The Waning Sovereignty

Globalization is putting increasing pressure on the and strains on the resources, coherence, sovereignty and principles of self -governance on the nation states.  As result to this, the rate of emigrants and immigrants has tremendously increased making some of the nation states adopt the principle of walling their states for...

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Effects of Globalisation and Migration on Individuals

Globalisation is widely referred to as the outward growth and rise in the interchange of services, raw materials, goods, people, information, and money between different parts of the world that are culturally and geographically apart (Hopkins 112). It is a term used to refer to modern trade relationships and whose...

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Globalization and Anti-Globalization Movement

By the end of the 20th century, the world was turned into a small village through globalization[1]. Even though the process of globalization was beneficial to most of the people around the world, not everyone was happy about it.  There were movements in the world, which were against the spread...

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Globalisation and its Implications

Globalisation is the increased integration of the economies across the globe that has turned the world into a global village. The globalisation process involved the increased mobility of labour, capital, trade, technology and the interdependence of national economies (Glenn, 2012). Globalisation is fuelled by government policies aimed at expanding domestic...

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The Importance of Globalization in The 21st Century

Globalization is a phenomenon that is creating so much debate in the 21st century. Although it is more pronounced now than in the past, thanks to technological developments and policy, it is, however, an old phenomenon that existed thousands of years ago.  For instance, historical evidence shows that people used...

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When Did Globalization Begin? What Made It Possible?

The Origins of Globalization The term globalization is barely thirty years old (Giddens 2009). However, the sudden surge in the exchanges in trade, of trade and knowledge through various means has brought the term to the spotlight. Globalization can be defined as the increase in interdependency between people, groups, and nations...

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