Essays on International Trade

Canada's Global Trade Strategy

Trade has increasingly become global in scope in the recent years following such factors as technological developments that have enhanced communication and transportation opportunities. However, the globalization of trade has led to countries and business organizations facing higher levels of competition since they no longer compete locally but with established...

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The Importance of Globalization in IEC Electronics

IEC Electronics is an American company in New York established in 1966 and deals with electronic components. IEC Electronics manufactures electronic components such as circuit boards, electrical cables, and wires for different industries including the military, healthcare, transport industry among others. Additional activities done by the company are such as...

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The Impact of Globalization and Technological Innovation on Consumer and Industrial Goods and Services Production

As the world advance as witnessed in globalization and technological innovations, the consumer and industrial goods and services production increase significantly regarding quantity, quality and variety. Businesses always strive to ensure that commodities they offer to consumers meet the preferences of the given target market segments based on culture and...

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Estimating Cost to be Incurred at Calling Port

Estimating cost to be incurred at calling port is always a complicated matter as various factors that determine pricing are out of control of shipping companies. However, despite the complicated nature of estimating the price incurred in calling a port, there are few general factors which ship companies use to...

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The Importance of Trade Wars

Undoubtedly, we are living in perilous times when countries are on the verge of a trade war that is similar to the 1930's and economic crisis that led to depression in most parts of the globe. Although current wars’ potential severity may not resemble that classic trade war, it is...

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Essentials of Economic Globalization and The World Trade Organization

This article talks about the essentials of economic globalization and the World Trade Organization (WTO). WTO is credited and at the same time blamed for the benefits and challenges associated with globalization. It defines globalization as an increase in international deals in markets for goods, services, and other factors of...

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The Importance of the Single Market to Business

i. Tariffs-These are government’s tax on import or export such as tax on motor vehicles leaving or getting in the country. ii. Non-tariff barriers- These are trade barriers that limit import (restricts imports)...

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Trade War between America and China

Since the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and China, trade transactions between the two countries have steadily evolved leading to the signing of multiple bilateral trade treaties. These treaties are meant to guide and improve trade agreements. China has undertaken significant economic reforms which have been complemented...

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The Impact of Neoliberalism on Economic Development

Economic globalization is the increase in inter-country dependence of the world economies which can be attributed to the growth of the trade between countries in terms of service provision and commodity exchange with the help of advancement in technologies (Edward Elgar 2012 Pg. 2). It reflects on the growth of...

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The Effect of Quotas and Tariffs on International Trade

1.  Imposing quotas on international free trades creates a shortage of the commodities being limited from entering the country. The demand for this products will rise and so are the prices. On the other hand, when higher tariffs are imposed on imported commodities, domestic producers will benefit because the government protects...

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Benefits and Challenges Posed by Trade Agreements

In the 1870s and 1970s, the united states were self-sufficient in the use of raw materials to produce goods and services such as clothes and steel. The U.S relied on its raw material in production and many immigrants moved to the U.S and offered cheap labor for firms, leading to...

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The Role of Stock Markets in Economic Growth of Developing Countries

The tremendous economic growth witnessed in developing countries over the last decade can, partly, be attributed to entrenchment and strengthening of the free market policies. Such policies include those designed to encourage local and international firms to list in the respective countries’ stock bourses.  The importance of well-established financial systems,...

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