The Colombian Exchange

The Colombian Exchange

The Colombian Exchange was once a significant commerce route connecting the New and Old Worlds in the western and eastern hemispheres. Almost all of the world's cultures were impacted by the exchange. It encouraged widespread migration of people, both voluntarily and forcibly. The travelers from the Colombian Exchange facilitated contact between the Americas and Europe. As a result of the interaction with the Americans, trade in diseases, weapons, and other living things has developed. One of the biggest things that has ever happened in the history of the planet is the Colombian Exchange. This is a result of globalization, which has greatly benefited human culture, farmland, and overall ecology. To me, the Colombian exchange was of great importance since it brought New and Old World which led to variations in culture, sickness, food production and the ecosystem as well. This trade impacted what we discern of life currently. The major impressions that have molded what we recognize of the world nowadays transpired in the course of the exchange by the Colombians. One of the noteworthy impacts caused by the Colombian trade was the rise of Christianity which brought about Catholic Church, tamed animals and food crops which enhanced the living standards of the Americans and Europeans. The exchange also came along with new martial technologies like horses and weapons. The exchange of the Colombians still holds a strong influence on the biosphere today. If these effects did not happen then the world would be absolutely different. Trading continues even at the moment and has made an influence all over the earth.

Portugal's Exploration of Atlantic

Another great implication of the exchange is the Portugal's exploration of Atlantic. This investigation was made possible by the reconquest mainly from the Muslims, noble monies, and their established maritime culture. While trading with agriculture, the Portuguese were able to discover Brazil by coincidence, but focused on the Far East and used Brazil as a place for prisoners. The first group settled in Pernambuco and it became the major producer of sugar in the world by 1550. It was a land of Indian slaves and farms. The need for slaves increased with the growth in the market for sugar. This growing demand expressively stimulated into African slavery.

The Trade of Resources and Lifestyle Transformations

Another substantial thing brought by the Columbian Exchange permitted the mixing or rather a trade of resources from the dualistic worlds, the old and the new. For instance, it globalized potato which is the world's fifth most essential crop. This changed the diets of European and Indians in weighty ways. The exchange also transformed the lifestyle of the Native Americans completely. Even the groups of individuals who did not openly interact with the Europeans were transformed. For instance, it is through this exchange that presented horses to the Grasslands Indians, and this allowed them to form their culture that was noticeable through things like as hunting of buffalo from horseback.


Components of the Columbian Exchange supplemented both the Colombians and the Americans; however, the interaction evidenced disastrously. The transferring of widespread childhood infections, like measles and smallpox, to the Americans rests one of the most overriding concerns of the Columbian Exchange. The calamity in both South and Central America was exclusively due to infections. Diseases indeed played a momentous role in the sharp decline in the population of Indians. Ailment epidemics interrupted inherent humanities, since it brought about variations in political empires, and provided Christianity traction in the middle of native residents destroyed by infection and so inquiring the supremacy of their divinities.


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