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E-commerce Trends in Retail Industry

This work is a special dedication to my dear Mother, brothers, sisters, friends, and relatives. Acknowledgment I wish to thank the Almighty God for strength, protection, and ability to perform even when I felt so disheartened and stressed. I wish to acknowledge the help and encouragement I received from a number of...

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Analysis of Bendy's Bar

This report is a marketing plan for the new establishment that Bendy s Bar intends to open. The report assesses the industry situation to determine whether the conditions are favourable for new investment. The report also examines the ability of the new establishment to compete in the market. The study finds...

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Economic and Trade Ties Between China and The Middle East

The Silk Road was the name of a set of roads which were conveyed by ships and convoys between Europe and China. According to Halpern (2015). China launched its intercontinental ties based on three policies identified as diplomacy, near the ocean «Peripheral Diplomacy», strategies and initiative. The New Silk Road...

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The Importance of Technology in Restaurants

The purpose of the study was to determine the impact of technology in the restaurant industry particularly the importance of these innovations on the overall operations. The section provides results for the finding from the primary and secondary data collected regarding the research problem. Notably, the specific objectives that were...

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The present study is going to venture in the shrinkflation as it is becoming more popular in the European Union and more specific in the United Kingdom. These markets are the ones that are majorly affected by this trend. The producers have tended to lean much in this act as...

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Effects of Brexit on Multinational Companies in the United Kingdom

The First Effect of Brexit: Increased Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Transactions The first effect of Brexit on multinationals in the UK is increased merger and acquisition (M A deals shot by 32% while deals worth $234.5bn were completed in 2017 (Latorre, Olekseyuk, and Yonezawa, 2017, p.7). Other statistics indicate that by...

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Sampling Procedure in Social Media Marketing Research

The chapter delineates research design, the study population, sampling, instrumentation and the data collection mechanisms used in this study. Further, it outlines how data was analysed.The empirical type of research was used as it sought to prove or disprove the working hypotheses through the observation and experiment of data research....

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The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Automobile Industry in Uzbekistan

Introduction Over the past few decades, developing countries resorted to foreign direct investment (FDI) to facilitate economic growth and promote industrialization practices. Several governments in Central Asia continue to liberalize their local markets to attract foreign investments (Spechler, and Spechler, M., 2009, p.353). For instance, Uzbekistan eliminated most of the trade...

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G-chain Marketplace Analysis

G-chain is an online decentralized marketplace that provides a platform for business to business exchange of value. None of the products listed on the vendors’ profile are owned by the firm. Rather, the individual vendors on the platform are the owners. The firm just facilitates value exchange between demand and...

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Strategy and International Business in the Food Industry

Emerging economies are poised for exponential economic growth due to the rise of their real domestic product. Together, China, Africa, and India accounted for over forty percent of the world’s food demand, as per 2017’statistics. Additionally, China and India produce over half of the world waters, rice and potatoes (Prest...

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Considerably, the success of any organization depends on the strategic plan which has been enacted by the management. The organization must be vigilant in developing a vision statement which relates to its goal, objectives, and values. However, there are various essential elements which ought to put in consideration to be...

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Walmart Operational Efficiency

As the newly appointed senior leader for Walmart I prepared a report for the CEO. In it, I will assess the organization’s overall alignment with its vision, mission, values, and strategy. This report will have detail information involving the analysis of the strategic cascade of the organization and the strength, weaknesses,...

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