Essays on Investment

Capitalism vs. Socialism

Personally, I will describe capitalism as an economic structure in which private individuals or firms dominate investment and possession of the means of production, distribution, and wealth exchange. In this sense, capitalism is characterized primarily by a self-regulating free market economy based on private property and minimal government intervention, guided…

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The article by Marguerite Duras

The essay by Marguerite Duras is a haunting story that takes place in prewar Indochina during Marguerite’s childhood. The novel describes a turbulent relationship between a Chinese man and his young French lover. The girl’s relationship with her mother was strained. She was dissatisfied with the fact that her mother…

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Offshore drilling

Bailey’s article Offshore Drilling Remains a Gamble Worth Taking Ronald addresses the positives and disadvantages of offshore exploration. In the report, he notes that critics of offshore exploration have argued that the move is risky due to leaks and is not a worthwhile investment. Due to the pressure from the…

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Direct Cost Analysis

Expanding companies is a big strategy that calls for important and well-designed strategies. It is important to take a look at the market structure before an investor chooses to upgrade and open more channels for the business. Blindly entrance into business has a detrimental effect on the business owner’s earnings….

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Production Agriculture Investment

Any investment is risky, and before taking the step the investor understands. The investment type depends on the investor’s priorities and goals. An investor is mainly concerned with benefit limit. In order to achieve its goals, however, the investment terms and conditions must be respected. Production agriculture is one of…

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film production and globalization

Globalization has revolutionized film making by allowing significant shifts in the patterns and developments of the global film industry. Advances have made it possible for the entertainment industry to emerge as one of the most significant artistic productions attracting millions of audiences worldwide. In the past, the film industry was…

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Services Termination

Since its inception, we appreciate the services Cytonn has provided to your business. The partnership between Suzie and Cytonn investment has been productive and profitable. Over the course of the few years, we have earned the Suzie Catering Services with the best delicious breakfast and lunch. Your company has found…

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Project of mutual fund

The DSP BlackRock Equity Fund – Regular Plan – Dividend would be the mutual fund for my savings. The symbol used by the mutual fund will be DSPG, which is currently trading at $37.39. The Fund Manager is Mr. Atul Bhole, a B.Com Chartered Accountant who has been overseeing the…

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Businesses are becoming more multinational as countries begin to accelerate the ease of starting up international investment. Copying and pasting the corporate and national culture of another business or region will often end in a tragic failure as the world is complex. A feasibility analysis is being conducted as a…

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Bento Sushi is the franchise. It sells food and is found in shopping malls, colleges and hospitals throughout Canada. The fee for the franchise is $25k while the startup is $50k or more. The investment expected is $150k or more The benefits of starting a franchise of your choices include…

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about bill gates

Bill Gates is a co-founder, blogger, philanthropist, and investor of Microsoft Corporation. He is also ranked among the richest people in the world. He was born and raised by his parents, Mr. William Gates and Mrs. Mary Maxwell Gates, Washington, USA. In 1973, Bill Gates entered Harvard University to pursue…

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Love in hard times

It takes time for love, true love. The economic situation is getting worse by the day in our country. The downturn in the economy from politics to global economic forces is to blame for several problems. One thing that is assured is that the consequences of economic recession are by…

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