Essays on Investment

Costa Rica Granite Company Strategy

Foreign direct investment by enterprises faces numerous problems that, if not addressed, may result in the company's failure in the new market. Granite Company is exposed to such risks as it expands into new areas. These forces demand its closure in international markets since it is considered as an environmental...

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Foreign Direct Investments Inhibit the Growth of Domestic Companies

Foreign direct investments are opportunities for an individual or corporation to engage in business-related activities in a foreign country by conducting business operations or acquiring business assets in the foreign country by acquiring full ownership of the asset or controlling interest in a foreign company. Foreign direct investments are frequently...

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The article “Wisconsin approves $3bn deal for Foxconn factory”

On September 18, 2017, the article "Wisconsin approves $3 billion contract for Foxconn factory" appeared in the business section of BBC News. The article describes a deal put into law by Gov. Scott Walker, awarding Foxconn Company financial subsidies totaling three billion dollars (""Wisconsin Approves $3Bn Deal for Foxconn""). The...

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Reid Garret Hoffman

Reid Garret Hoffman is perhaps one of the most well-known investors and job creators in the world. He not only founded LinkedIn, but he also serves on the boards of Mozilla, Facebook, and Zynga. These credentials demonstrate the profile of an investor who understands the ups and downs of business...

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Bond Pricing

The bond security's pricing is an important factor in determining whether investors will consider investing in the various corporate bonds offered in the market. The prices of the two bonds issued, as shown in the appendix, should differ. One of the bonds should be more expensive than the other. Indeed,...

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Investor Decision

The business community is driven by investors who invest their money in companies in order to benefit. Money, time, ideas, and an opportunity cost are all part of the investment. Investors buy stock in a company with the expectation that it will provide returns in the future. Investors are an...

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Essay on capital budgeting decision

The corporation is making a capital budgeting decision that involves investing in the firm's long-term assets. Businesses have funds, and because they are not unlimited, they must plan how to invest in a way that will generate revenue several years in the future. It is a critical decision, and because...

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The financial system

The financial system is in charge of facilitating the exchange of financial securities between people and entities by connecting people's savings with other people's investments. Markets that are part of the financial system of the United States economy include: Markets for financial products. The bond and stock markets are examples of institutions...

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The yield-to-maturity

The yield-to-maturity rises when the bond rating falls; for example, the A-rated bond (Exxon Mobil) yields less (2.88%) than the C-rated bond (Chesapeake, 8.01%). The ratings analyze bond issuers' ability and desire to pay regular interest and repay principal at maturity (Henry, Kisgen, & Wu, 2015). Bonds issued by financially...

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Revisiting the factors influencing entry and success of entrepreneurship

To compete well in the market, a corporation that sells skills, time, and abilities requires strong stakeholder commitment. Employees with specialized talents that are unique and not copied in other industries are required to access this labor market. The threat of leaving implies that the firm's participants lack these abilities....

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Strategic Finance - Investors

Typically, investors in the security and derivative markets must choose between adjusting prospective gains for increasing risks. The recent worldwide credit and financial crises demonstrate the need of risk measurement in portfolio management and modern finance. Risk measurement is essential in the derivatives sector since insufficient risk analysis can lead...

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Companies Capital Budgeting

When businesses decide to invest in individual initiatives, a number of criteria must be taken into account. It is critical for investors to ensure that their initiatives will pay off on time and so will not result in losses. This paper analyzes the investment that North Sea Oil is set...

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