How to Start a Business

Jackie has been presented with numerous options for expanding her business plan. The first offer allows her to form a business partnership with an established jewelry store owner who has a large inventory and multiple storefronts. The profits would be split in half, but after he retires, she could buy…

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About Loans and Grants for Higher Education

The rising cost of higher education is a topic that is discussed even in political forums.” As a result, the issue has elicited a variety of responses from world leaders. Prominent figures, like presidential candidates like Barack Obama, have advocated an expansion in federal funds for higher education students. The…

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Student Loan Debt

According to the article, personal loans student loans are amongst the riskiest ways to which the students can rely on to pay their college fee. The reasons behind this are that these loans at many instances they have varying interest rates, with some as high as 13.74 in the 12…

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