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Curation is the practice of gathering and grouping artworks based on shared themes or ideas, and it is carried out by curators (Obrist, 2008). A curator is an expert who is employed to choose or put together groups of art projects or pieces of art by grouping them according to...

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Sophistry and Nature Philosophy

Sophism refers to a form of rhetorical instruction that was commonly used in Ancient Greece to provide rhetorical education to the aristocracy for a fee. Natural philosophy was a popular philosophical idea prior to the rapid advancement of science, and it sought to discover the facts in the best way...

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learning about your tradition and culture

Cultural heritage applies to the visible objects and intangible qualities of a culture that are typically handed on from one generation to the next, ensuring that it is preserved in the current and bestowed for future generations' gain. It includes natural heritage such as culturally important ecosystems and biodiversity, tangible...

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