Essays on Banking

The collapse of Lehman Brothers Holding

The failure of Lehman Brothers Holdings, the world's fourth largest bank, shook the world's markets and cost investors billions of dollars (Schwartz, 2016). On Monday, September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court in New York. This was the most dramatic action since the...

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Federal Reserve violates Biblical principles

The Federal Reserve is charged with developing monetary policies that affect the amount of credit and money in the US economy. The execution of these policies alters the distribution of funds in the banking system, hence influencing interest rates. As the Federal Reserve reduces interest rates, firms and consumers are...

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Federal Reserve of the US

The Federal Reserve System was established in 1913 with the goal of providing the nation with a more flexible, safe, and stable financial and monetary system. Its functions in the economy and banking system have grown over time. Its primary tasks include banking supervision, monetary policy, and financial services. It...

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Secure Channel and Implementation Issues

The transmission of information from a source to a destination is essential for communication. But, the dependability of the means of exchange is called into doubt. Certain information is critical and must be kept confidential in order for the operations to proceed successfully. The military and other huge government entities,...

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Wells Fargo Struggling in Aftermath of Fraud Scandal

Wells Fargo, one of the country's oldest banks, faced a financial crisis in September 2016 as it was disclosed that the corporation would be paying over $185 million in penalties to authorities. During a prior investigation, it was determined that Wells Fargo workers opened more than $2 million in deposits...

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The International monetary fund

The world's foremost institution for monetary cooperation is the International Monetary Fund. There are 188 member states in it, and practically all of them cooperate to achieve that goal. The International Monetary Fund's main responsibility is to maintain the stability of the global financial system, including the exchange rates and...

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A cut piece

Yoko, who was born in Japan in 1933 into a prominent banking family, spent the majority of her childhood moving from one country to another with her father until she was eight years old. As a result, Yoko established deep links between the two nations since she was a little...

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A Business Philosophy

Success in the banking industry depends on one's ethical behavior. Ethics describes a person's moral compass and what drives them to do what is right or wrong (Zetter 440). In fact, most people are unable to distinguish between being ethical and being opportunistic. For instance, when it comes to stock...

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the e business

Despite the undeniable benefits of e-commerce, such as improved convenience, productivity, and speed in operations, many risks arise on a regular basis. With the advancement in technology, many IT professionals with sinister motivations have typically increased their subjective reasons to harm, foil, and keep online trading vulnerable (Massa and Valverde...

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wells fargo business ethics

Wells Fargo is a multinational bank that provides various financial services to millions of customers worldwide. However, the fiasco involving false accounts and consumer money leaves many lessons for other related organizations to remember. The corporate scandal opened many corporations' eyes to the risks of having a culture that encourages...

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