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The Impact of Basel III Accords on Investment Banks

Over the past, series of crises have struck the global financial markets the latest one occurring in 2007-2008. Such financial crises have occasioned the need for tighter regulation of the financial markets in order to curb any downfall in the markets. The Basel III Accord was developed based on that...

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The Effect of Employee Layoff on the Malaysian Banking Industry

Malaysia's financial sector is one of the most diversified in the global banking industry. The industry comprises of insurance companies, capital market intermediaries and banking intermediaries. By the year ending 2011, the Malaysian banking sector held an overall asset base of close to 400% of GDP (International monetary fund 2013)....

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Customer Service in Banking

Good customer service is vital to the survival of any business in any industry. Despite this, companies in Jamaica have little appreciation of how important this is. My focus will be on the banking industry in Jamaica, with emphasis on customer service at the National Commercial Bank. Customer service in banking...

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Market Segmentation and Student Banking

Except for those parts in which it is explicitly stated to the contrary, this project is my own work. It has not been submitted for any degree at this or any other academic or professional institutions. ………………………………………...…… Signature …………………………… Date Regulations Governing the Deposit and Use of Oxford Brookes University Modular Programme Projects and Dissertations 1....

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Credit Risk Assessment

Credit risk is the process whereby a party may have a possibility loss due to the failure to follow financial contract terms and conditions (Bonsall et al., 1445). For instance, the inability of the investor to pay the loan and its interest. Banks as financial intermediaries are always exposed to...

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Banking Industry Cost-Cutting Strategies

Cost cutting or cost reduction refers to decreasing the costs related to production or cost activities without affecting the quality of services, products, or activities. The success of any industry significantly relies on how the organisation strategically manages its costs as compared to its competitors. There are many procedures used...

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The Role of Mobile Money Technology

Banking services and payment solutions are an important economic pillar of any community because they ease the fundamental process of business exchanges. In the recent past, innovations in the banking sector have changed the conventional notion of recognized monetary organizations such as banks (Mas 124). The capacity to engage in...

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Analysis of State Farm Bank Loan Process

Business process analysis report is a document describing the day to day operations of the business. It encompasses workflow diagrams corresponding to the historical processes of the organization (Donnel, 2013). The complete report serves the different purpose of analyzing activities of an organization to improve its efficiency, validating an agreement...

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Paypal and Monzo Mobile Banking Comparison

The emergence of online banking The emergence of online banking brought change to the banking industry and made banking experience better for the customers since they can get access to the details of their bank accounts any time wherever they are through the website of the bank. Continuous advancement in the...

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SWOT and PEST Analysis of The Banking Sector

Banks are financial institutions which accept deposits from the public and private organizations and creates credit to individuals and organizations who are in need of finance. The banking industry is a vital and sensitive sector of the service industry in the whole world. Over the recent past, competition in this...

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Future Collaboration in Banking and Finance Industry

Banking and Finance in the Future Banking and finance are among the most dynamic sectors which highly utilize information systems and technology. As a result, within a short period of time, chances are, much happens regarding the information systems management in controlling the operations. Increased competition in Banking and Finance industry...

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Political, Economic, Social and Technological Challenges Facing Banking Industry

Today, the modern business is faced with various challenges within the global society. These are the challenges that stand in the way of the success of different business industries or organization. This, in turn, affects globalization of business. Globalization in finance and business refers to global markets’ economic integration. Besides,...

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