150 Profile Essay Topics Easy and Fun to Write

Profile essay topics are considered some of the most engaging assignments students usually get.  Writing profiles is an exciting process because you receive a chance to explore something on a deep level, but the problem is, there are lots of things that should be taken into account before you can even think about success. Profile essay is an informative type of writing where you provide your readers with a clear description of someone or something, be that a person, a character, an event, or even a place.

Such papers have two major features: they should have lots of vivid details and they must flow smoothly. Whatever profile ideas you choose, you should write in a specific style. It must be descriptive, objective, and engaging, instantly attracting readers’ attention and holding it until the very end. But first, you have to understand what exactly you’re going to be profiling, and here’s where you might need some help. Not all themes will be interesting, just as not all of them will inspire you to start writing. We have prepared a list of essay topic samples that students may use for any subject.

Getting Good Profile Essay Ideas

How to choose a topic for profiling? There are many options, but sometimes it feels like none of them work. If nothing immediately comes into your mind, don’t worry — start with general tips before narrowing them down to something more specific.

  • Look through samples of profile essays. Before deciding on a topic, take a look at similar papers published online. Check example after example, noting down what other people decided to explore and letting it stimulate your own ideas. This way, you’ll get inspiration as well as gain an inkling as to what kind of profile essays you’d prefer to work on.
  • Consider subjects. Think about what you like. Are there topics you find genuinely inspiring? Maybe there is a family member or a friend who you love and want to describe. Perhaps there is a movie character that haunts your thoughts, and a profile essay is a chance to understand them even better. If it’s an intriguing historical event or a place you dream of visiting, it’ll result in an exciting paper, too, so consider your surroundings and decide on the best profile ideas.
  • Prepare for an essay thoroughly. If you think you’ve chosen suitable topic, start collecting information about this subject. In case this is a place, visit it or study pictures depicting it. The more detailed they are, the better. If this is a person, talk to them, ask them some interesting questions, and make extra notes about their personality. If you find them fascinating, you stand higher chances of conveying this to your readers and making them feel the same. All these steps will be of great help as you start writing an essay.

List of Good Profile Essays Topics

We came up with 150 essay topics that college students could find mentally stimulating. If you see an option you like, be sure to use it!

  1. President Trump’s Profile: His Ambitions, Personal Qualities, and Intentions
  2. Greece as a Country with the Most Interesting History
  3. Typical Behavior for a Three-Year-Old Child
  4. Christmas as the Most Favorite Holiday for Americans
  5. Fox Mulder as the FBI Profiler: Understanding His Personality
  6. Writing a Self-Profile: How I See My Personal Characteristics
  7. Profile on the Person Who Has Most Hits in Google
  8. Objective View on Africa: Its History, Real Problems, & Victories
  9. Profiling Zodiac Killer: What Kind of Person They Could Have Been
  10. Why Ted Bundy Was Not Caught For So Long: Charming Personality & Violent Interior
  11. Understanding Why Cats Behave Like They Do & How to Build a Bond With Them
  12. Profile One of Ancient Kings Based on Available Historical Information
  13. My Role Model: A Person Who Helped Me Determine My Life Path
  14. Adolf Hitler, His Ideology and Personality: What Drew So Many Germans to Him
  15. Develop a Perfect Image of a Father Figure: What Kind of Features Should They Have?
  16. Dogs as Human’s Best Friends
  17. Why France is Considered the Most Romantic Country?
  18. Mystery Surrounding Egypt: How It Appeared and What It Means
  19. Analyze Your Favorite Bakery and Explain Why It’s Good
  20. Hannibal Lecter: When Violence and Attachment Clash
  21. Everything a New User Should Know About Facebook
  22. Twitter as the Best Social Media Platform for Those Who Prefer Short Posts
  23. How Birds Communicate with Each Other
  24. Create Full Background For Your Favorite Movie
  25. Bryan Fuller as the Strangest and Friendliest Director
  26. The Most Genuine Charity in the US
  27. Sportsman Who Has Had a Big Impact on the Country
  28. How Sleep-Deprived Students Act & How to Recognize Them
  29. Ideal President: Describe Him or Her
  30. What Makes a Specific Holiday Resort Stand Out
  31. Profile on Jack the Ripper
  32. The Coziest Coffee Shop in the City
  33. Profiling Jack Reeves and His Attitude to His Wives
  34. What the Concept of Home Means for You
  35. TV Brand Most Consumers Choose: Why is It Special?
  36. Popularity of iPhones: Why Does It Happen?
  37. Your Favorite Subject at College
  38. Describe & Analyze the Latest Movie You Have Watched
  39. My Mother as the Embodiment of Grace
  40. My Father as Representation of Patience
  41. My Grandfather as Picture of Endurance and Dry Wit
  42. My Grandmother as Representative of Strength and Affection
  43. Serial Cheaters: Why They Do What They Do
  44. YouTube and Story Behind Its Development
  45. Profile of President Putin and His Leadership
  46. What Makes Lives of Movie Stars Difficult
  47. Story Behind My Favorite Childhood Toy
  48. How Dating Agencies Operate
  49. What Kind of People Use Online Dating?
  50. What My Best Friend’s Mind Is Represented By

Have you found some most interesting profile paper topics? If you haven’t yet, we have more options for your future essay.

  1. Musical Performance That Changed My Life
  2. Profile on a Person Who Experiences Frequent Panic Attacks
  3. Profiling a Fictional Demon: Sebastian Michaelis
  4. Create Picture of Your College
  5. What Your Room Says About You
  6. Why One Specific Chocolate Brand Stands Out in Your Mind
  7. The Most Influential Person You Know
  8. Best Camp For Children
  9. Features That Turn Halloween Into Beloved Holiday
  10. Most Comfortable Zoo I Visited
  11. The Most Exciting Episode of House MD
  12. Which Love Story Is Considered Most Beautiful
  13. What Type of Dancing You Prefer
  14. Most Expensive Painting in the World
  15. Racial Profiling and How It Is Done
  16. What Matchmakers Are Motivated By
  17. Amazon, Its Assets, Challenges & Owners
  18. People Who Become Police Officers
  19. Why Someone Choose to Become Firefighters
  20. Who Becomes a Nurse

Still nothing? There are more profile essay topics below.

  1. What We Can Say About Humans Who Commit Hate Crimes
  2. Profile Topic on Serial Rapists
  3. Dana Scully as Embodiment of Rationality and Empathy
  4. Famous Footballer: A Story of Determination
  5. Why Opposites Attract: Reasons and Implications
  6. Understanding How Starbucks Operates
  7. Profile Topic on People With Volatile Temperament
  8. Moscow as the New World Capital
  9. Students Who Choose Philosophy as a Major
  10. What We Can Assume About Queen Victoria
  11. Hilton Chain of Hotels and Their Key Advantages
  12. Types of Personalities That Decide on Being Surgeons
  13. My Brother’s Girlfriend: Features and Observations
  14. What Makes Females Commit Crimes
  15. Profile Topic on Average Tumblr User
  16. How Stalin Managed to Build a Strong Country
  17. What People Usually Suffer from Panic Attacks?
  18. Describe a Memorable Conflict: Why It Occurred & How It Was Resolved
  19. What Motivates Countries to Start Wars
  20. Taxi Drivers and the Stories They Could Tell
  21. Deceased Celebrities and Why They Are Remembered Years Later
  22. Person Who Corresponds to Conventional Beauty Standards
  23. Largest Cemetery in the World
  24. Worst Known Roommates
  25. Most Impressive Ballet Opera in 2020
  26. Most Famous Unsolved Murder
  27. How & Why Social Networks Appeared
  28. Why Some Winters Are Hot
  29. Favorite Disney Princesses American Children Have
  30. Why New York Is So Popular
  31. What Turns Wine Expensive
  32. Forgotten Historical Landmarks Few of Us Know About
  33. The Fiercest Battle That Happened During WW2
  34. War Museums in Germany & Their Meaning
  35. Somali: Background, War, & Future Possibilities
  36. How Weapons Appeared & Evolved Over the Years
  37. Oldest Cold Case That Still Has Not Been Solved
  38. The First Reality TV In History
  39. Who Is the Richest Man in 2020 & Their Background
  40. Richest Woman in the World & How She Handles Her Fortune

Here are ten other good profile essay ideas. Pick any topic you like and develop it for college essay.

  1. Doctor at Your Local Hospital: Personal Interview and Insights
  2. People Obsessed with Cars: How They Choose Their Passion?
  3. Profile on Merlin From TV Show: His Obsession & Goodness
  4. President Kennedy and What Made His Life Popular
  5. Barack Obama and His Contribution to America
  6. Humans Who Develop Drug Addiction Most Often
  7. Old-Fashioned Wedding Rituals
  8. COVID-19: Full Profile on the Known Symptoms & Treatment
  9. Women Who Choose Breast Implants: Who Are They?
  10. Known Ghosts in the United States & Their Story

Some profile essay topics for college students could be more creative.

  1. Drawing Facts about Albert Camus From Available Works
  2. What Jane Austen’s Novels Say About Her Personality
  3. Everything We Know About the Genius That Was Leonardo Da Vinci
  4. Generations Fighting For Slavery Abolition: What Motivated Them?
  5. Influences That Shape Best Writers
  6. Hugo Boss’ Success Story
  7. Mindset That Most Successful Creative Designers Have
  8. Trying To Understand Goldfish and Their Thought Process
  9. People Who Do Not Care About Social Norms
  10. Why Sailors Are Drawn In By the Sea

Here are more interesting profile paper topics for essays that high school students might prefer an.

  1. Why Children Love to Have Sleepovers Together
  2. How Unfair Treatment Affects Student’s Academic Success
  3. What Makes Religion Dangerous
  4. Who Uses Instagram
  5. Dangerous Sports and People Who Love Them
  6. Forces That Drive Politics
  7. The Best US Store For Teenagers
  8. Real Personality of Christopher Columbus
  9. What Could Be Derived From David Wallace’s Works About His Personality
  10. Stephen King as the Master of Horrors: What Earned Him This Status

And these are ten last profile essay topic ideas.

  1. What People Knowingly Marry Imprisoned Serial Killers
  2. The Best Racing Car From the Current Collection
  3. Understanding Character of Bella Swan
  4. Profile on Your Local Town Deputy
  5. What Is Happening in the Minds of People Who Abuse Their Power
  6. A Complete Profile on My Overweight Cat
  7. People Who Survive Tragedies: What Makes Them Strong
  8. An Objective Evaluation of a Person I Dislike
  9. Understanding Irresponsible Dog Owners
  10. Profile of a Person Who Faces Discrimination Since Childhood

Choose a Great Topic and Impress Your Audience

There is a huge amount of good profile essay topics. As a profiler, you get an opportunity to learn something on a deeper level as well as share your insights with others. To a big extent, your success depends on the choice of a topic, so pay a lot of attention to it. Don’t make random choices — instead, analyze something you feel interested in.

If you are still feeling stuck and unable to make a final decision, you could always buy college papers. We have experts of different kinds working for us, and they could create profile essay topic ideas just for you or even write your paper entirely. Your wish is our command, so if you’re having any problems, let us know! Drop us a message, call us, or leave a request online, and before you know it, your work will be completed.

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