Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Art’s world is presented with a great quantity of wonderful masterpieces, which deserve attention and discussion. There are severa plays and art activities that are not able to depart people indifferent, as they excite and touch the deepest components of the soul. The present paper is devoted to the dialogue of the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare.
Description of the event: plot, interesting events, feelings, skilled while attending it.
Macbeth is the shortest of Shakespeare’s tragedies, containing only 1993 lines. Its plot is borrowed from “British History”, however, its brevity did not reflect in the artistic and compositional deserves of the tragedy. In this work, the author raises the issue of detrimental impact of personal power, which turns brave Macbeth, a valiant and celebrated hero, into the hated villain. Shakespeare’s constant theme of retribution sounds more vividly in the tragedy. Fair retribution, which follows criminals and villains, is a mandatory law of a Shakespearean drama, a kind of manifestation of his optimism. The best characters die often, but the villains and criminals have poor end always. In Macbeth this law is particularly bright. In all the works, William Shakespeare pays special attention to the analysis of man and society, their immediate interaction. In Macbeth Shakespeare analyzes the sensual and the spiritual nature of man, the interaction and struggle of feelings, diverse spiritual states of the major character in his movements and transitions, the emergence and development of affects as well as their destructive power on Macbeth’s life.

The play was set in Park Avenue Armory. Macbeth was played by Alex Kingston. The most interesting was watching the life and changes of the major character, Macbeth. Shakespeare focused on the critical states of consciousness, on the spiritual causes of the crisis, internal and external causes of the fall of the major character. This inner conflict of man is the major theme of the tragedy Macbeth. When watching the play, I was impressed by the deep, exciting and impressive play of the actors, who fell into their roles and were so convincing and passionate that it was almost impossible to look up from them.

Analysis of event

The play was intriguing and very interesting, and I cannot even say what made it more interesting: whether it was the talented and exclusive performance of the actors or plot, although the later has been already familiar to me from school and college.

There were many symbols, which I managed to see in the play, however, the most widely used and obvious were the symbols of blood and darkness. Although, blood is always strongly connected with violence, I have come to a conclusion that in the course of the play, blood symbolizes guilt of Macbeth for the performed actions. In addition, I have also noticed that the play is full of darkness, which is a symbol of the dark soul of Macbeth. Probably, this is the very thing that I do not like: too much darkness and blood, which sometimes created the feeling of melancholy.

Interpretation of the play

They say that art is an attempt to speak about the human condition. I fully agree with the statement, because art is a reflection of soul and mind of its creators. It is impossible to create a play or any other piece of art without placing a part of soul in it. Macbeth is more than a play, this is an interpretation of the state of should and mind, reflected in the play of the actors. I must admit that Macbeth is a majestic tragedy of the titanic personality, who had the same opportunity to win and to die, but “valor” in the absence of “wisdom” led to her complete alienation from the people and soul. The actors of the play were trying to show all the stages of development of the personality, leading to its complete destruction.

In general, the tragedy Macbeth by Shakespeare is the most complete characterization of the individualist as a person, who deliberately and consistently puts his own interests above the interests of other people. The actor, performing Macbeth, demonstrated a wonderful play, in which he showed Macbeth, covered by ambitious passion, who was hurrying to free his intellect from moral principles and rules of the household, considering them a nuisance and empty prejudices. Alex Kingston, Macbeth, demonstrated the person with turbulent energy, without fear of risk, who is destroying all the obstacles and is not aware of the consequences. Kingston played Macbeth, who is, despite his freedom from prejudice, is still plagued by remorse of the murdered Banquo. Brilliant play of the actors was very convincing. They depicted the surrounding of Macbeth, who contributed to his moral defeat. Macbeth, played by Kingston, goes forward, without thinking of retreat. The hero is struggling to drown out the hostile voice, so as not to weaken his will. External conditions provoke the ambition of Macbeth, contributing to his moral degeneration and the temporary triumph. I think that the point of a false triumph was met in life of every person; therefore, I sometimes felt that the character of Macbeth was very close to me.

Judgment of the event

The play has intrinsic value, which lies in the demonstration that the person is a master of her faith. Macbeth, the character of Shakespeare, is the person, who did not stand in front of the passions and sins, prepared by destiny and turned into villain. I have come to a conclusion that no one is rescued from the hardships and the person is the only master of his life. The first thing that I would like to mention is the talent of Shakespeare, who managed to raise a very important theme of the conflicts of interests of the person and society. The play of the talented actors helped reevaluate the real sense of life and necessity of being a good and valuable person. I tend to believe that the major message is confrontation between good and evil in one person and the role of a person in making this choice.

As far as the elements are concerned, I must admit that the huge role belongs to the supernatural in the play. The images of ghosts, witches and floating dagger amplify the realization that our life depends not only on reality, but on the other things, which we cannot even see. I am extremely impressed by the play and sincere and truthful performance of the actors.

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