Essays on Langston Hughes

Mother to Son Poem analysis

Langston Hughes wrote the poem Mother to Son, in which the writer is a Black American mother to her son. It is clear that the mother has faced tremendous struggles and wants to give hope and inspiration to her son so that he, too, will persevere in life as she…

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Pages: 4

Theme for English B

In the article “Critical essay on ‘Theme for English B’” Chris Semansky seriously analyses the poem “Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes. His analysis focuses on the different selves that the creator of the poem has, which are influenced by age, race, professional and national identity. This evaluation first…

Words: 608

Pages: 3

Thank You Ma’am Analysis – Setting, Characters, and Themes by Langston Hughes

In this Thank You Ma’am analysis, I’ll talk about the Setting, Characters, and Themes of this powerful piece by Langston Hughes. After reading the poem, you should have a better idea of why the story is so compelling. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s well worth reading. It is…

Words: 722

Pages: 3

Montage of a Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes

A Dream Deferred is the poem of Langston Hughes that explores many potential results that may take place when the dream is not recognized as soon as possible. Moreover, the sonnet poses questions related to the aspirations of the individuals and results that arise when precise goals are not met….

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Hughes Langston

Hughes Langston used to be a courageous man who had the guts to tackle head on, the biggest troubles of the world as seen in his two poems I, Too and Theme for English B. Having grown in a world of racism where the blacks were subjected to familiar and…

Words: 736

Pages: 3

Beneatha and Walter in A Raisin In The Sun Comparison

The play A Raisin in the Sun, talks about two key characters Walter and Beneathaboth from the same family who have alike traits. Beneatha, Walter’s younger sister, is a college student who plans to go to medical school. She appears to the most intellectual member of her family, and, therefore,…

Words: 657

Pages: 3

“Mother to Son” Poem

The poem “Mother to Son” with the aid of Langston Hughes is published in 1922. Its plot tells the reader life is not an easy ladder to climb. The poetic mask in the poem urges the son that lifestyles has not been easy for the mother. She discerns to him…

Words: 643

Pages: 3

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