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There are various struggles and problems faced by families

In today’s world, households face a variety of challenges and issues. There are various disagreements and arguments about topics that may be classified as permissible or unacceptable. This world is defined by numerous societies, and norms prevail within these cultures. Both Alice Walker’s Daily Usage and Amy Tan’s Two Kinds…

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Literature analysis essay

When I’ve grown into a responsible adult, I’ve always found myself wondering: how much control do I have over the world and my surroundings? In today’s multicultural culture, plenty of us find ourselves conforming to our guardians’ earthly perspectives: looking no deeper than they do, even if we do think…

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Alice Walker Every Day Use

She is the story’s narrator, and her hands are raw from manual labor. She is a single mother with two daughters, weak, and illiterate, with little hope of escaping rural life. She adores her daughters and recognizes their flaws. Yes, the protagonist is a very likable character. She is deeply…

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