Analysis of The Trial by Kafka

A tragedy movie can be defined as a movie in which the main character undergoes extreme suffering and sorrows especially if the victim is exposed to situations where he or she cannot cope with the circumstances because they are unfavorable. The movie – the trial by Kafka can be characterized...

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Kafka's “Investigations of a Dog”

This chapter explores the fundamental cause of Kafka's vegetarianism and compassion for animals. The chapter maintains that the canine speaker exhibits a spiritual awakening with obvious signs of personal exposure. The chapter also demonstrates how prevalent in Kafka's time were ideas about the beauty of the natural world's fauna and...

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Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis

The irony of the protagonist's life is reflected in Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis." An Irrational Case In an irrational case, Kafka transforms Gregor into an insect. This indicates the supernatural; however, Kafka does not explain the explanation for Gregor's transformation. Kafka's Goal It is clear that Kafka's goal in the story is to show...

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Franz Kafka

In Dracula and Metamorphosis: Different Perspectives of Community In Dracula and Metamorphosis, Bram Stoker and Franz Kafka current different perspectives of a community. In both novels, characters face exceedingly similar experiences by facing unexplainable monsters however react differently depending on one's perception of the community. Notably, in each books, some characters...

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Metamorphosis by Kafka

Metamorphosis is a story by Franz Kafka that was published in 1915 and is based on the main character Gregor Samsa. Gregor is a young businessman who is always on the run but still leaves with his parents and her sister, to whom he gives financial assistance. When he wakes...

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