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Serpentine Control of Biology

Serpentine soil is made up of worn ultramafic rocks. These rocks are brought to the earth's surface by either tectonic uplift or erosion of material above the ophiolite. Because of the mineralogy and forces at work in the physical and chemical environment that constitutes metamorphism, the rocks are further classified...

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Gregor's Transformation

Gregor's Metamorphosis and Its Significance Gregor's physical transition into an insect is complete. However, he does not alter significantly in the novel. During the metamorphosis, the reader has the opportunity to engage with the ridiculous, crazy, and nonsensical activities of the universe from the perspective of an 'insect.' The Uncertainties of Gregor's...

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Humor in Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

In his tale "Metamorphosis," Franz Kafka employs humor at many stages to convey a specific meaning. I found it amusing when I saw Gregor, the main character, and he discovers he has been turned into a dung beetle or insect. The author never explains why or how Gregor changed, only...

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Metamorphosis by Kafka

Metamorphosis is a story by Franz Kafka that was published in 1915 and is based on the main character Gregor Samsa. Gregor is a young businessman who is always on the run but still leaves with his parents and her sister, to whom he gives financial assistance. When he wakes...

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