Essays on Burial Rites

Kirakos's description of the Mongols' burial practices

What can be learned about the Mongols' religion and ideas about death and the afterlife from Kirakos' account of their burial customs? Recall our discussion of Islamic burial customs and our discussions of the meaning of particular burial customs. The account of the Mongol's burial by Kirako suggests that by the...

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The man to Send Rain Clouds

The Man to Send Rain Clouds The central character of Leslie Marmon Silko's tale, The Man to Send Rain Clouds, is an elderly man named Teofilo who has been deceased for at least a day while tending to the sheep in the field. He is found laying under the large cottonwood...

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Green Burial rites

Green burials, which are also referred to as natural burials are methods of attending to the dead by deploying means that ensure very little environmental degradation or impacts , protection of the natural habitat, reduced carbon emissions, risk-free working domain for the work force and the protection, reconditioning of the...

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