Essays on Pollution

It is needless to say that pollution levels are through the roof nowadays – as soon as you begin to write your pollution essay you will be faced with hard facts that will leave no space for guesswork on the matter. Pollution affects all of us, even if its influence is not visible right away. According to the World Health Organization, 7 million people die due to breathing polluted air every year. Writing essays on pollution will not change it, but it will provide educational material on the issue, which is a solid start. Many pollution essays touch on different types of pollution – air, soil, water, thermal, radioactive pollution, etc. Our pollution essay samples, provided for you below, highlight the main causes as well as results of pollution, so make sure to check those handpicked samples out before you start working on your essay.

The Economic Implications of Charging Diesel Vehicles in Manchester

An Economic Assessment of the Case for Charging Diesel Vehicles to Enter Manchester City as a Step to Cut Down on Air Pollution and Minimize Congestion Introduction Manchester City, just like most cities in the world, faces a huge problem with air pollution and congestion due to the influx of diesel cars,...

Words: 1598

Pages: 6

Acid Rain and Its Effects on Soil, Plants, and Ecosystem

Acid rain is mostly formed from the spontaneous chemical reaction between naturally occurring dioxides of sulfur and nitrogen (SO2 " NO2) in precipitation and oxygen and/or atmospheric water. The reaction produces sulfuric and nitric acids, respectively, which are further transferred to the soil and downstream through the wet deposition process....

Words: 1138

Pages: 5

Environmental Issues in Indonesia

The environment is always changing. Resultantly, environmental issues have emerged as major issues of our time, despite the efforts of economists, policymakers and the business community to ignore them. Therefore, it is of the essence to be aware of the various problems that surround the environment since it directly affects...

Words: 588

Pages: 3

Air Pollution Effects on the Environment

Air pollution refers to a specific mixture of gases and solid particles in the air. Pollen, dust, chemicals from factories and car emissions can be suspended as the particles. The issue of air pollution seems to have evident effects on the environment and it is critical to explore this topic...

Words: 996

Pages: 4

Environmental Pollution

Article: Pollutants from plant killed fish in China by Neil Gough on New York Times published on September 4, 2013. Retrieved from; Overview of the article: Gough, in the article, identifies that the work of clearing the dead fish found in the FU River is hard work but the Wuhan's resident...

Words: 595

Pages: 3

Globalization and Pollution Havens

The advent of globalization facilitated the improvement of relations between developing and developed countries. Improvement in trade between developing and developed countries in the 21st century can be attributed to globalization. As a relevant concept, globalisation refers to the process by which business institutions and state factors achieve international influence...

Words: 1246

Pages: 5

The Effects of Pollution on Inuit People

The Project Chariot article details the experiences of the Inupiat living in the North Slope in Alaska during the proposed detonation of an atomic bomb in the area. The detonation was aimed at showcasing and examining the slow progress of radiation in arctic conditions. Furthermore, the bomb would have created...

Words: 417

Pages: 2

The Effects of Transport Pollution

The video of Transport Pollution directed by Marilyn Higgins is a wake-up call to stop transport pollution and gives insight on some of the actions that have been taken by various concerned parties in combating air pollution. Transport plays an essential role in daily life. It has enabled people and...

Words: 386

Pages: 2

Industrialization and Pollution during the 18th And 19th Century

Prior to industrialization, the majority of British citizens were farmers who raised both crops and animals. Farming was done on small plots of land because production was, however, comparatively small. The country's population increased by 30 million as a result of industrialization, which got underway in the early 18th century...

Words: 1148

Pages: 5

Health Impacts of Climate Change

Climate change is a global issue that has had a significant impact on human health, and if it is not addressed, future generations will face the repercussions. Minor climate changes have caused a variety of health issues, including heart troubles, allergies, cancer, and an increased risk of mosquito-borne infections. The...

Words: 666

Pages: 3

Impact of Pollution on the Environment

One of the biggest problems the world is currently dealing with is environmental pollution. Environmental pollution has significantly increased during the past century as a result of the increased urbanization and industrialization that have been observed globally (""Increased Pollution""). There are undoubtedly many different types of pollution, but toxins in...

Words: 255

Pages: 1

Environmental Movement in U.S.

Srikanth (2011) argues that protecting the environment is essential for all nations if they want to protect people's lives. Humans and the environment are closely intertwined since they are both necessary for one another to survive. Therefore, it is crucial to protect the ecosystem against different types of contaminants. Environmental...

Words: 1155

Pages: 5

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