Essays on Pollution

It is needless to say that pollution levels are through the roof nowadays – as soon as you begin to write your pollution essay you will be faced with hard facts that will leave no space for guesswork on the matter. Pollution affects all of us, even if its influence is not visible right away. According to the World Health Organization, 7 million people die due to breathing polluted air every year. Writing essays on pollution will not change it, but it will provide educational material on the issue, which is a solid start. Many pollution essays touch on different types of pollution – air, soil, water, thermal, radioactive pollution, etc. Our pollution essay samples, provided for you below, highlight the main causes as well as results of pollution, so make sure to check those handpicked samples out before you start working on your essay.

The Role of Christians in Environmental Conservation

Although on earth, Christians are guardians of the rest of God’s life. As a result, they are tasked with the responsibility of caring for both life and the world. As a result, Christians must take the appropriate measures to ensure environmental restoration and maintenance. Some of the actions they should…

Words: 1565

Pages: 6

Are plastic bags harmful to the environment?

The debate about plastic bags has raged for a long time, with business players rallying support for the commodity and conservationists pushing for its abolition and complete halt of manufacturing. The point of contention is whether plastic bags are toxic to the atmosphere and, if not, what can be done…

Words: 967

Pages: 4

the business law

The Clean Water and Oil Pollution Acts are two major pieces of law aimed at mitigating the environmental harm caused by oil spills (Allison and Prentice, 2009). These laws have been significant in addressing this topic since the mid-nineteenth century. In this regard, oil spills are commonly associated with the…

Words: 1213

Pages: 5

A Campaign Plan for Biodegradable Bags for Household Waste

Millions of used plastics are discarded outside of landfills, with a significant environmental effect. Thousands of dolphins, whales, and marine mammals are killed each year after eating discarded plastic bags that they mistake for food; once eaten, the bags obstruct intestines, resulting in an agonizing death. Per year, approximately 8…

Words: 2267

Pages: 9

control and command approach and pollution

Explain briefly the command-and-control approach to dealing with an externality like pollution. Give an example of how the United States administration used the command-and-control technique to address the emissions crisis. Pollution is and will still be a major environmental problem that disrupts all economic activity and externalities. An externality is…

Words: 407

Pages: 2

Pollution of the Air: What Causes It?

Because of the detrimental impact it has on the atmosphere, air pollution has become a global threat (Austin, Brimblecombe & Sturges 2002). In various continents, the scale of the damage caused by air pollution is no longer taken lightly. Increased emission levels, caused by both human and natural causes, have…

Words: 886

Pages: 4

Youth from sexual and gender minorities in Canadian schools

Many academics in the recent past and today are interested in the issue of discrimination faced by youths in sexual and gender groups deemed unacceptable. Significantly, certain citizens are denied such rights and privileges. Les Samuelson and Wayne Antony, in their book “Power and Resistance,” are two such scholars who…

Words: 572

Pages: 3

Environmental Pollution Study Through a Sociological Lens

Pollution is the method of introducing toxins into the natural world, resulting in negative consequences (Nwona, 2013). Environmental pollution can take many forms, including chemical substances and electricity, such as noise, heat, and light (Ard & Fairbrother, 2016). Pollutants that cause environmental contamination may be either foreign substances or substances…

Words: 2516

Pages: 10

Nike Inc.’s Sustainability Used the Triple Bottom Line

The term “sustainability” extends to a variety of policies and principles. However, it is often assumed to concern forests, greenhouse gases, and carbon footprints; as a result, this is an environmental component of sustainability. Firms are continually considering the concept of sustainability in relation to society and the environment. As…

Words: 653

Pages: 3

Marine Plastic Pollution

Plastics have been an integral part of human life. It is one of the most prevalent materials in the world. Plastics are commonly used by industries for packaging purposes (Fanshawe & Everard 72). Since there are inadequate mechanisms that control the adoption of the products, the impact on the use…

Words: 1920

Pages: 7

The Effects of Human Activities on the World’s Glaciers

A glacier is a mass of thick ice that moves over time (Fraser et al., 2014). Glaciers form when a large amount of snow accumulates over a long period, usually decades or centuries. Glaciers deform over time due to the pressure and stress imposed by their mass (Fraser et al.,…

Words: 1826

Pages: 7

Pollution of Environment

The introduction of new or foreign substances into an ecosystem that affects its biological and physical characteristics is referred to as environmental pollution (Levinson et al. 237). Environmental pollution has been a problem in modern society since the 19th century, posing a variety of threats to both plants and animals,…

Words: 1291

Pages: 5

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