Essays on Oil Spill

BP and the Gulf Oil Spill

The research focuses on the BP Oil Spill Tragedy, which took place as BP's Deepwater Horizon bohring plant exploded in the Gulf, eightsy kilometers from Louisiana. The emissions caused a lot of problems on the Mexican Gulf coast of Louisiana. As such, at a press meeting in New Orleans on 10...

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Relationship between USA and Middle East When USA Produce Its Own Oil

Energy sources such as oil, natural gas, and petroleum have been a significant source of conflict in the twenty-first century. The United States of America has recently made huge discoveries of natural gas and petroleum reserves. The United States' increased oil output is likely to have a variety of consequences...

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Human-made disasters

Human-made disasters are the outcomes and effects of human activity and technology, whether intentional or negligent. The disasters are dangerous to the environment and people's lives. There has been an unprecedented rise in the number of human-made disasters over the years. The world has degraded, and lives have been lost....

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