Essays on Air Pollution

The Causes of Air Pollution in Tehran

Tehran: The Most Polluted City in Western Asia Tehran is the capital city of Iran with an estimated population of around 8.4 million. The city is the most populous within the country and Western Asia, while it has the second largest Metropolitan area in the entire Middle East. However, the city...

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Environmental Pollution

Introduction Environmental pollution has remained one of the biggest problems and challenges facing humanity around the globe. Environmental pollution is responsible for major harmful effects on human life, human health, animal survival, and natural ecosystems survival. Over the past few years, many countries have been trying their best to tackle the...

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The Importance of Air-Fuel Ratio in Combustion

The Significance of Monitoring Airflow During Combustion The most significant source of losses during combustion is exhaust stack especially when airflow is not monitored during combustion. When fuel is burned in the presence of oxygen, the products of combustion are obtained as heat, water and carbon dioxide. The amount of oxygen...

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The Economic Implications of Charging Diesel Vehicles in Manchester

Manchester City, just like most cities in the world, faces a huge problem with air pollution and congestion due to the influx of diesel cars, Heavy Goods Vehicles and old petrol cars. The vehicles are the highest source of Carbon and Nitrogen dioxide emissions that cause global warming, different types...

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Integrated reactive nitrogen budgets and future trends in China

Beijing's Pollution Crisis Beijing is ranked second among the worst cities to live in. The city's skyscrapers may make China's high levels of pollution more visible. In 2014, a large portion of the northern metropolis was blanketed in deadly amounts of smog for nearly a week. The dense smoke delayed transportation,...

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Air Pollution in California Central Valley-Causes, Impacts and Mitigation Strategies

Cities such as Bakersfield, Modesto, and Fresno anchor California's Central Valley. These are the state's and the country's agricultural centers. It is made up of eight counties that produce half of the fruits and vegetables grown in the United States. This is owing to the area's geographical location, which is...

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Negative Externality Microeconomics

One of the negative externalities: Air Pollution One of the negative externalities that directly affects me is air pollution created by industries as they manufacture things for consumption. There is a small oil refinery nearby that emits a lot of pollutants into the air during the day. The other is a...

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Pollution of the Air: What Causes It?

Because of the detrimental impact it has on the atmosphere, air pollution has become a global threat (Austin, Brimblecombe & Sturges 2002). In various continents, the scale of the damage caused by air pollution is no longer taken lightly. Increased emission levels, caused by both human and natural causes, have...

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Essay on Air Pollution Prevention in Philadelphia

Philadelphia's Air Pollution Issue Philadelphia is not an exception to this problem of air pollution, which is the case in heavily developed cities around the world. The Health Department, Air Management Services (AMS) and local pollution control agencies are under surveillance to remove the danger. Statistics reveal that there were 177...

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Air Pollution Prevention in Philadelphia

Since the period of industrialization started, adverse environmental damage has increased. The combustion of fossile fuels like gasoline, oil, coal and natural gas as a source of energy is among the challenging aspects of air pollution. The people of Philadelphia are threatened by air pollution. Poor state air quality has...

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