Essays on World Problems

efforts to eradicate poverty

The graphic depicts efforts to reduce poverty, which has been a major social issue. Poverty eradication has received widespread support around the world, and efforts are being made to abolish poverty at both the community and government levels. Poverty is a worldwide issue having political, social, ethical, and economic implications….

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You Cannot Force Charity

We live in a time of fantastic exploration. Humanity has advanced dramatically in science, medicine, technology and education, but the greatest part of the world’s population still lives in need. Profit comes from the beginning, but today it is more important than normal because of the global hunger, poverty and…

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Help For Those Who Need

We live in a world full of needy people, especially in developing countries and, for instance, in those countries affected by war and violence. There are many causes for poverty, such as laziness, lack of education, disease, hunger, war and violence, storms and other disasters, and many others. Helping each…

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Recognition and Perception of Symptoms

Chronic diseases affecting infants, young people, and adults have become more prevalent across the globe. The majority of them do not have a cure and will need management for life. In regions vulnerable to such diseases, chronic diseases pose many financial difficulties for families and labor insufficiency. Bad treatment of…

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Sexually oriented business sex trafficking

D.G.: D.G. Sex trafficking in sexually focused companies in Oblinger’s article is a well-documented presentation in modern times of the truth regarding sexually oriented enterprises and in different types. The article reports that the number of victims of human sex trafficking is in the millions, according to the Fédéral Bureau…

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qualitative study critique

Sustainability is a crucial topic in the world today, as the issue of climate change becomes important every day, given the need to control environmental pollution. Since then, research has been done in different ways that people respond to sustainability issues. The use of reusable cups when making transactions inside…

Words: 556

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Children and Obesity

A kid who has not reached the age of 18 is considered in the UAE. The paper will concentrate on the magazines, The Gulf News and The, of major UAE journals. While obesity is a global problem because of the large number of children with obesity, the paper focuses…

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Sustainability is a central issue in the world

Sustainability is a crucial topic in the world today, as the issue of climate change becomes important every day, given the need to control environmental pollution. Since then, research has been done in different ways that people respond to sustainability issues. The use of reusable cups when making transactions inside…

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Primary ages and Obesity in Children

A infant who has not reached the age of 18 is seen in the UAE. The paper will concentrate on journals in the UAE, including The Gulf News and the Despite the issue of obesity, due to the large number of children with obesity, the paper focuses on obesity…

Words: 580

Pages: 3

Accidents and Deaths Caused by Cell Phones

There has been a disturbing rise in reported cell phone-related accidents and fatalities around the world in recent times, especially in the United Kingdom and in the United States. While in the last 30 years, mobile phones have become an important technology and a major means of communication, there has…

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Trafficking of Human

One of the problems facing society that has attracted growing global attention over the years is human trafficking. What originally began as a way to push women into commercial sex has become an outlet for women to be sexually abused and even forced into forced labor (World Health Organization, 1)….

Words: 1918

Pages: 7

The unconstitutionality of GITMO

In today’s world, a nation’s security status plays a central role in ensuring that the ultimate aim of achieving sustainable growth is attained. It is precisely when a country is secured from terrorist threats that the bulk of businessmen are known to have begun a multitude of companies in the…

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Pages: 5

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