Essays on World Problems

The Definition of Terrorism

Guy-Uriel Charles, the writer of the article, “Stop Calling Quake Victims Looters” points out that the use of the term looters against victims of earth quake is contemptuous making of moral judgment. The author argues that the term looter characterizes an individual as a criminal contrary to describing or defining...

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The World Economy Questions

1 a) Explain what you understand by the concept GDP and the three ways that it can potentially be measured. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) refers to the measurement of the monetary value of all the final services and goods manufactured within a country over a specific period of time, usually a...

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Relevance of The Crucible

As nations around the world work to create policies that will counter the escalating threat to the security of their citizens, terrorism has emerged as a global threat. Although every country has a different strategy for combating terrorism, most have specialized groups tasked with preventing and reducing the harm caused...

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The Second World War Essay

Twenty years after the end of World War 1, the Second World War started. Due to the fact that it essentially involved every nation on the planet, it is regarded as the deadliest and most widespread conflict in history. The historical events have been studied by academics in an effort...

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The issue of international human rights

The collection of rights, privileges, and liberties that all people are entitled to under international human rights law. An individual s position does not negate the need for him or her to benefit from or have access to human rights. The Geneva Declaration codifies international human rights. To protect the...

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The First World War Essay

1914 saw the start of the First World War, which lasted until 1918. Art was one of the victims. The way people view art has altered forever thanks to works like sculptures, music, and dance, among other things. For example, some surrealists and expressionists created shaky, jumbled-up angles and ominous...

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Assessment of the Strategic Bombing

Even though the bombing operation had many detrimental effects on the populace's economy and social life, I think it was a useful war endeavor. People would still have perished in some manner, so the bombing should not be held solely responsible. In addition, sometimes blood must be shed in order...

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Africa's HIV/AIDS

The essay AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty by Eileen Steelwaggon examines the spread of HIV/AIDS and how it relates to poverty in the developing world. The author argues that it is incorrect to assume that sexual behavior is the cause of the disparity in disease prevalence. The article uses...

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The War in Syria Essay

Recent reports that both parties in the civil war in Syria used chemical weapons on civilian populations have been a significant and puzzling aspect of the conflict as it continues to rage and draw attention from around the world. Under international law, such as the Geneva Conventions, the use of...

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Cardiovascular diseases

Globally, the prevalence of cardiovascular illnesses is increasing among people. (Mendis & Chestnov, 2013) Cardiovascular diseases are regarded as lifestyle diseases and require a more all-encompassing strategy to their management than infectious diseases, which can be readily treated with antibiotics. One of the most prevalent cardiovascular diseases, valvular heart disease...

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The gender inequality in Saudi Arabia

A section of the community may mistakenly believe that it is the dominant group in the area as a result of gender inequality. Based on their gender, these individuals are treated differently. However, there are some generalizations made about the kinds of responsibilities these individuals must carry out in society....

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Human trafficking issue

The lucrative nature of human trafficking has caused a rise over time. Only drug trafficking earns more money worldwide than the trafficking of human beings. Despite the fact that this heinous activity has been going on since the early days of conquering, the rate of human trafficking has been rising....

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