Essays on Murder

Reasons to Abolish the Death Penalty

The debate on the constitutionality and the need for the death penalty in the united states and globally has polarized the country as different schools of thought have come up to support the capital punishment while others have sharply criticized this action (Reynolds, 2015). Another group of individuals has been...

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The Usefulness of Assault Weapons in America

In the weapons field, mainly guns and ammunition, certain developments have emerged with the most common being the evolution of assault firearms which are quickly replacing the standard pistols. The military description of the assault weapon is any rifle that has automatic or semi-automatic features. An excellent example of such...

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Characteristics of the Victim: Lisa Harnum

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, a homicide entails the lawful or unlawful killing of a person or persons whereby the individual or individuals are killed at the same place and time. In the Simon Gittany murder case, the prosecution argued and proved that Simon was the one who...

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Capital Punishment and Prison Overcrowding

In the United States, capital punishment is applied a legal penalty meant to deter the commission of serious crimes. In the country, at least thirty states, military, and the federal government practice capital punishment (Breyer 89). Of the several western countries, it is only the United States that adopts this...

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Death Penalty Explained

Death is a condition where there is permanent ending of life and all biological functions that maintain living organisms. A penalty is a punishment imposed on a person due to the violation of the law. It is a practice which is sanctioned by the government where an individual is subjected...

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Comparative Analysis of The Scottsboro Boys and Trayvon Martin Cases

The Scottsboro Boys case of 1931 involves nine black gentlemen who were falsely accused of raping two white ladies in a freight train in Northeast of Alabama. Except for Roy Wright who was among them, other boys were accused of this crime without adequate evidence and later charged and sentenced...

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The Elements of First-Degree Murder

First-degree murder refers to a pre-meditated and willful killing that is not permitted by the law. A pre-meditated and willful killing of a person implies that the murder was planned and deliberately executed (Find Law). Brennan is not guilty of first-degree murder because he never intended to kill his wife...

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How An Individual Can Get Away With Murder

Circumstances under which a person should be able to get away with murder. An individual may be able to get away with murder if the evidence is not abundant as people think. Most of the crime scenes are not covered with DNA or fingerprints. Sometimes the evidence may be destroyed....

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Analysis of Capital Punishment

Capital punishment or death sentence is a kind of punishment executed on an individual as a result of committing a serious crime like murder, treason, armed robbery or war crimes. For several years, there have been arguments concerning this kind of punishment as to either to abolish it or not....

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Proposals to Control School Shootings

Various means have been proposed as ways to tackle school shootings. However, none of them guarantees complete solution to the problem of school shootings. In fact the statistics are on the rise with a minimum of one shooting per week according to a report by CNN (CNN World, 2018).  Students...

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Analysis of Andrea Yates

In any criminal case there is always a motive behind the crime. Some of these crimes can sometimes be intentional while others can be caused by biological causes like being mentally unstable. In other words, criminal behaviors are driven by mindsets criminals place in their heads in ways that an...

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Gun violence in the U.S.

In the US, gun violence is a significant societal issue. The main demographic that is most impacted by the vice, both as victims and as perpetrators, is youth. In essence, young people's propensity for violence has grown recently. According to estimates, there were 3,374 gun-related incidents in 2014, most of...

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