Essays on Juvenile Delinquency

As you work on your juvenile delinquency essay you will discover that nowadays society is faced with an alarming fact: juvenile delinquency is growing at an extreme rate. Today every tenth crime on average is committed by a teenager. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in crime among children under 14. These statistics are often updated, therefore writing juvenile delinquency essays should be done with attention to relevant figures. Among the main reasons for juvenile delinquency are poverty, poor education, and family issues. We present to you our juvenile delinquency essay samples, which will help you get a good grasp on this topic and improve your essay. A lot of research went into our samples of essays on juvenile delinquency, so your essays can benefit greatly from checking them out!

Social Disorganization Theory and Juvenile Delinquency

IntroductionThis paper is to detail those ideas that are believed to cause juvenile delinquency. It is so right that youths of today are facing their downfall because of matters of crime in the society. Therefore social disorganization theory apparently points out how neighborhoods have diligently contributed to juvenile delinquency. In...

Words: 2052

Pages: 8

Five theories that define Juvenile Delinquency

The central objective of the term paper was to highlight five theories that define juvenile delinquency or criminal behavior among adolescents and teenagers. The focus on delinquency among the young was informed by the fact that it was commonplace in the modern society. For instance, close to 1.6 million cases...

Words: 1641

Pages: 6

A Study of Juvenile Attitudes Towards Police and Authority

Research on Juvenile Attitudes towards Police and Authority Leiber, Nalla, and Farnworth (1998) conducted a research to investigate what determines juvenile attitudes towards police and authority. The researchers hypothesized that juvenile attitudes could be altered by the juvenile's social environment, the impact of their obligation to criminal behaviors, and their personal...

Words: 306

Pages: 2

Juvenile Delinquency survey

Respondent Honesty in Surveys Respondent honesty is an essential factor to be considered when conducting surveys, especially on sensitive matters. Honest answers are the necessary requirement for an intensive and efficient study. There are particular steps that need to be taken to ensure that the respondents provide truthful answers. One very...

Words: 330

Pages: 2

Single Parent Families and Juvenile Delinquency

Sampson, Robert J. "Family management and child development: Insights from social disorganization theory." Facts, frameworks, and forecasts. Routledge, 2017. 63-94. Social disorganization theory posits that juvenile delinquency stems from communities that face issues with managing child development factors effectively and thereby suffer from other problems such as child abuse and high...

Words: 622

Pages: 3

The Effect of Victimization on Delinquency

Part 1: Physical vs. Verbal Victimization Physical victimization disrupts the normal behavior of the victim once the person starts to experience it. This form of victimization results to anger and despair as the victims are forced to live in fear of physical abuse. As a result of continued abuse anger mounts...

Words: 431

Pages: 2

Youth Arrests

Violence by the youths is one of the most notorious criminal activities in the society today. Broadcast media and newspapers frequently report on youth arrests and violence by young people in schools and streets. According to WHO (2016), in 2000, over 199, 000 youth homicides were reported and 565 youths...

Words: 1230

Pages: 5

Are Police Caution A Soft Option? Reoffending Among Juveniles Cautioned Or Referred To Court

Wang, J., New Zealand Journal Of Criminology, 000486581879423. doi: 10.1177/0004865818794235 This article written by Wang et al (2018), studies the correlation between Police caution as a soft option and reoffending among juveniles cautioned or referred to court in Australia and New Zealand. Based on the previous research in the...

Words: 1314

Pages: 5

A direct relationship between drug abuse by minors and juvenile delinquency

Drug use by young people and adolescent delinquency are directly related. Problem Statement in Brief Both juvenile delinquency and substance abuse are common among young people. We must assist these kids in overcoming this issue as a nation. As a result, study will concentrate on what drives young people to abuse drugs...

Words: 404

Pages: 2

Drug Abuse and Delinquency

Drug use is the abuse of a substance associated with drugs. Adolescents who are under the age of 18 are considered juveniles. The involvement of children in crime is referred to as juvenile delinquency. Drug abuse is known to impair judgment in people, which increases the probability that a drug...

Words: 5198

Pages: 19

A juvenile delinquent

A young person who has engaged in illegal behavior A young person who has engaged in illegal behavior is considered a juvenile delinquent, typically between the ages of 9 and 18. The adage once a criminal, always a criminal is prevalent in America, but it is debatable and has...

Words: 736

Pages: 3

A Proposal for a Methodological Approach to Recidivism Prevention

Recidivism is the propensity for someone to commit crimes again after spending time in jail or a correctional facility. Juvenile recidivism must be prevented, which necessitates a thorough knowledge of the factors that contribute to it and the difficulties that young people encounter after being released from custody. (Aos, &...

Words: 839

Pages: 4

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