Essays on Juvenile Crime

Preventing Juvenile Delinquents from Graduating from Department of Juvenile Justice into Adult Prisons

The goal of this study is to find techniques to keep young offenders from recidivating and ending up in adult jails. The South Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) will host the research to examine the strategies put in place to reduce recidivism and their efficacy. This will assist in...

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Joining Gangs Risk Factors

Involvement in gangs and gang-related activities are on the rise throughout the country, and youngsters and children make up the majority of those who join gangs. The goal of the unlawful acts carried out by the gangs is to make money or obtain notoriety locally or abroad. The gangs are...

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Essay About Reducing Juvenile Recidivism

Carney and Buttell (2003) present the Wraparound Services Model as a substitute system in order to address the difficulties in changing juvenile delinquent behavior as well as the shortcomings of the current juvenile detention techniques. According to the authors, jail merely addresses the person and ignores the complicating variables that...

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About Juvenile Delinquency

The involvement of minor children between the ages of 10 and 17 in criminal activity is known as juvenile delinquency. Such harmful behaviors may result in crimes or legal actions that frequently generate difficulties in society. Juvenile criminality includes populations with a variety of socioeconomic characteristics and origins that are...

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Mental Illness and Juvenile Delinquency: A Relationship

In this study, the connection between mental illness and juvenile criminality was investigated. In Ohio, a large number of young people regularly engage in behaviors and projects associated with juvenile delinquency because of mental conditions. In Ohio, in the United States, 100 young people were the sample size for this...

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Relationship between Mental Illness and Juvenile Delinquency

This study looked at the link between mental illness and adolescent criminality. Many juveniles in Ohio's juvenile courts suffer from mental problems, which lead to juvenile criminal actions and endeavors. This study included 100 juveniles from Ohio, United States. The sample was drawn from the target population using a random...

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American Juvenile Justice System

America's criminal justice system is broken; it has prioritized detention and criminalization over-recovery for juvenile criminals. Reforms of how the court treats minors who have defied the law are urgently needed. In recent years, the new paradigm has ignored the critical and essential considerations of sophistication and age. Adolescents and...

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The Role of Deviance and Social Control in the Explanation of Juvenile crime

Students are socialized to strict dres' codes, grammar, and attitudes in classrooms. Children in families are supposed to follow their parents' rules on what they can do, say, and feel. We are required to obey a set of rules and procedures at work. These are only a few examples suggesting...

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