Essays on Tort Law

The Effect of Tort Law Reforms in The United States Judicial System

Hot Coffee is a documentary filmed in 2011 that tries to discuss and analyze the effects brought about by reforms on the law of tort in the United States Judicial System. The film is directed by Susan Saladoff, a professional medical malpractice attorney having practiced for at least 26 years....

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Potential Liabilities to David & Family

Due to the type of tort law known as the nuisance, Harrington may be subject to an action based on the circumstances of the case. The term "interference for a significant period of time by owners or occupiers of property with the use or enjoyment of neighboring property" is used...

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Is ECO Tours liable for the accident caused by Buddy, their employee?

When a statutory duty of care is created, the law of negligence is applicable. The legal definition of negligence is the failure to exercise reasonable care to avoid causing harm to a person or an entity to whom the tortfeasor owes a legal obligation of care. Thus, the law requires...

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Intentional Tort Law

In the medical sector The care of patients and discreteness are the major codes of morals addressed. Any medical doctor and health practitioner that refuses to flow with the codes of morals is deemed to rupture the codes of professionalism. Based on this, I firmly concur that, what happened to the...

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