Essays on Violent Crime


The FBI reported that rape-related violent crime in 2016 was 7.7%, followed by murder (1.4%), severe assault (64.3%), and robbery (26.6%). The data also reveals an increase in crime rates compared to 2015. There is no question that crime and deviance are widespread in society based on the data. In...

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Gun Control Paper

Approximately eighty one million Americans legally own guns. However, 60% of the Democrats and 30% of Republicans advocate for stronger gun manage policies that will be vital in the mitigation of violent crimes such as mass shootings that have in the past been stated across the country. State gun laws in...

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Violent Crime

Recent instances have seen an increase in violent crimes in the US. The article We Are Training Our Kids to Kill attributes to the increase in violent dispositions and the deaths that result from the content aired by the modern media. Essentially, children become cruel when they are...

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Gun Control

The ban on gun ownership in the United States was enacted in response to a number of recent shootings (Wellman 145). As a result, several controversies have erupted over whether possession of such devices, which have taken many lives, should be controlled. Notably, gun possession has been a political concept...

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Forms of Gun Control

Recent reports of illegal shootings and gun abuse in the United States have reignited the controversy about the need for gun safety. One side of the issue contends that gun reform is important to ensure public safety, while the other contends that it is futile because it would do nothing...

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