OSHA Citation and Notification

The U.S. Department of Labor‘s Occupational Safety and Health Administration Citation and Notification was a dominant factor during the 1980s following the enactment of Ray Marshall’s labor policy regulations. Evidently though, the Carter administration strongly boosted the establishment of OSHA’s injury and illness recording and reporting procedures in a workplace...

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Fear and Adventure Tourism in Brazil

In the article Fear and adventure tourism in Brazil, the authors have communicated logically, to their audience; people who love adventure, the role of emotions and perceptions experienced during the exploration undertakings, and in the hunt for an ideal stimulation level. The title of the article is clear and concise,...

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Role of the IRB

The term "institutional review board" refers to a formally established organization whose primary objective is to safeguard the security, rights, and welfare of study participants. It reviews whether the research study being used is suitable by concentrating on the advantages and disadvantages of the research participants. (Anderson & DuBois, 2012)....

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The Federal CAM-SPAM Act a law

The Federal CAM-SPAM Act, a law that outlines the guidelines for emails, stipulates that commercial emails must contain a message intended for business reasons. Additionally, it gives the recipients of the communication the authority to stop someone or something from emailing them and spells out the consequences for breaking the...

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The Province of Ontario amending its Highway Traffic Act (HTA)

The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) was amended in the province of Ontario to provide municipalities and police agencies with an extra tool for traffic management. (Gutoskie, 2001). On June 26, 1998, the Ontario legislature enacted a law known as Act 26 that established Community Safety Zones as a means of...

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EHR Information Security

EHR data must be safely managed by the EHRS. All EHRS apps must make sure that entities (like users and applications) are authorized and that access to the EHR data is controlled in order to accomplish this. 1. Encourage the provision of efficient healthcare 2. Boost patient security 3 Make managing...

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Working Conditions of Acceptable Risk by William Lowrance

William Lowrance outlines the definition of safety and how it should be decided in his book Working Conditions of Acceptable Risk. He says that protection is immeasurable in the essay. In other words, safety cannot be quantified in precise terms. Safety is still determinable though it cannot be measured. According...

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“Child & Family Services Act” (CFSA)

Police should be given the authority to detain minors in order to take them to a secure location or back to their parents, in accordance with the goals of the "Child & Family Services Act" (CFSA). According to Decker and Marteache (2017), who apply the deterrence theory, being apprehended can...

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Use of Force by Police

The safety of neighborhood members is greatly enhanced by the police. As a result, Canada gives law enforcement officials broad authority, including the ability to carry weapons and use deadly force when required. Anyone approved by the law is allowed to engage in law enforcement activity, according to the Canadian...

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Senior Drivers

In the majority of states, taking a driving exam is only necessary before receiving a license to drive. No one is required to retake the driving exam in order to renew their license. The one test lifetime strategy has thus caused too many problems for the transportation sector. Due to...

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the deaths of garment workers

I disagree with the article's assertion that we are to blame for the deaths of garment laborers. They are more at the mercy of their employers, who consistently fail to offer favorable working circumstances. For instance, the working conditions in the factory described in the Doug Saunders piece were hazardous,...

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The central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

For more than 50 years, the central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has played a key role in shaping American foreign policy. The primary responsibility of this organization is to provide timely and accurate information to the head of the armed forces and other important decision-makers in order to protect national security...

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