Transition to a Registered Nurse

Medicine management is the practice of managing the routine in which medications are selected, purchased, transported, administered, prescribed, and reviewed, while incorporating agreed withdrawal and appropriate safety in order for the medicines to have the greatest impact in advancing treatment and healthcare (DH). According to Fullbrook-Scanlon, a nurse consultant, nurses...

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Accessing tap water around the globe

Several communities are having difficulty getting access to safe drinking water. The majority of these towns rely on small-scale water supply infrastructure. Both industrialized and developing countries are familiar with the circumstance described as a developing country problem. Access to tap water is essential for all humans because it is...

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Role of Nursing Manager in Patient Safety

Several nationwide studies in the United States have revealed serious flaws in the safety and quality of the American healthcare system. Patient safety is a new healthcare field that focuses on the prevention, mitigation, reporting, and analysis of medical errors that can have catastrophic consequences (Papa 1). Under the direction...

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Nursing as an evolving profession

Nursing is a constantly changing profession. While the nature of nursing employment has stayed relatively similar over the years, nurses are nevertheless at risk in the workplace (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). These dangers have both immediate and long-term consequences on nurses' health. According to McCaughey, DelliFraine, McGhan, and Bruning (2013),...

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Social engineering explanation

The acquisition of sensitive information by an outsider through social and psychological manipulation of others to divulge information that is typically delicate in nature, such as access data and passwords, is referred to as social engineering. Social engineers can obtain information from a corporation by establishing trust with the employee...

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The Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

The Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) formed the ICAO/CAST Common Taxonomy Team (CICTT) to produce standard definitions and taxonomies for aviation emergencies, as well as incident reporting systems (Boeing, 2016). CICTT was entrusted with categorizing emergencies that occur throughout specific phases of flight....

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Health and Safety in Construction

The construction industry is fraught with dangers that might develop from the various activities that take place on and around building sites. Construction workers engage in a variety of activities that can expose them and others on the job site to serious hazards such as unguarded machinery, falling from rooftops,...

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The decrease in nurses

The decrease of nurses and rise in patient have a substantial influence on patient safety. In the study, I attempt to answer the PICOT question: does a 1:4 patient nurse ratio on a medical, surgical ward improve patient outcomes over a year? The goal of this study is to see...

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The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)

The Department of Transportation Act of 1966 established this specialized transportation agency (FRA). It was now one of the ten agencies of the United States Department of Transportation concerned with two or more modes of transportation, known as intermodal transportation. This organization's objective is to provide a safe, dependable, and...

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Security Plan Recommendation

The development of a physical security plan necessitates a thorough grasp of numerous major aspects that influence the degree of safety exhibited by a structure. It is a difficult task that necessitates an assessment of all threats to the chosen space. The plan must address all potential system vulnerabilities (Shahzad,...

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incident that happened on December 29th the year 2010

The following article discusses an occurrence that occurred on December 29th, 2010. This incident involved a Boeing 757-200, N668AA, an American Airlines flight 2253. (Lieven, 2005). The Boeing crashed into the heavy snow at Jackson Hole Airport after running off the end of the departure runway number 19. There were...

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Fundamentals of queueing networks

The fundamental advantage that people gain from the insurance market is the ability to control potential risks in their personal lives as well as in their commercial activities. From the standpoint of the economy as a whole, insurance markets do not eliminate risks, but rather spread them more efficiently across...

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