The impact of majority-minority demographic shift on the drug policy in the United States

Demographic shifts refer to the population change in structure due to factors such as declining birth rates, increasing immigration and longer life expectancy. The majority demographic shift occurs when there are increased birth rates, low mortality rate, increased standard of living and increased level of immigrants. The minority demographic shift...

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The Impact of the Majority-Minority Demographic Shift on the Drug Policy in the United States

A government's approach to drug policy is very important to drug users, suppliers, and drug addiction rehabilitation’s professionals. In the United States, the ethnic majority-minority shift is going to affect what the government's approach will be in the future. Views on drug policy vary dramatically among Americans, especially along ethnicity...

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The Role of Patents in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A patent refers to the legal ownership of property granted to the original inventor (Inventor Resources 1). In the United States, Patents are issued by US Patent and Trademark Office. A patent is issued in recognition of a unique and novel invention (Lehman 4). The issuance of patent excludes other...

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The Adverse Effects of Drugs and Substance Abuse

I recently participated in a public speaking convention that was held on our University’s premises. I addressed my fellow students on the topic of the adverse effects of drugs and substance abuse. My goal was to inform my target audience on the prevalent nature of the drug abuse pandemic and...

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Drugs and Their Effects on Society

Drugs are defined as substances that change the way human bodies behave when they are taken. It is recommended that they should be prescribed by qualified doctors or physicians to patients. Additionally, drugs should only be administered at regulated doses. On the other hand, drug abuse may be defined as...

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The Debate on Marijuana Legalization

The debate on legalization of marijuana according to the terms of the California Prop. 64 versus those of for recreational use have been in question. Recreational marijuana is a viable argument because the use of marijuana has not been accounted for any death because of overdosing or overuse. The use...

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Drug ZL 105

Before new drugs are prescribed, it is necessary to test their workability and safety. Drug ZL 105 being a newly invented drug for cancer treatment requires to be tested for its efficacy and toxicity before it’s recommended for usage by patients. Cancer is caused by unregulated cell proliferation within the...

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The Process of Drug Discovery and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Research and development is a key stage in the process of developing drugs within the pharmaceutical industry. The processes commence when a candidate drug is identified and includes a number of rigorous tests that seek to determine the therapeutic suitability of the new drug. Key factors that research focuses on...

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Drug Abuse in America

The United States is amidst, a drawn out and developing epidemic of incidental and preventable passing related with overdoses of licit and illegal opiates. For over 3 decades, naloxone has been utilized by crisis restorative staff to pharmacologically turn around overdoses. The companions or relatives of overdose casualties, be that...

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The Political, Economic, Legal, Practical, and Ethical Aspects of Substance Abuse

This research focuses on the African American as the main population to be studied. African Americans originated from the African during the slave trade period. According to Rutledge, Jemmott, O’Leary Icard, (2017) African Americans are the third largest ethnic and racial group in the United States of America...

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Trends in Drug Use

The drug use menace is a global problem that has seen not only the loss of lives but the stagnation of the socio-economic progress in communities. A developing community is characterized by the existence of an empowered population that can think independently and apply their energies in enhancing income generation,...

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A Typology of Drug Selling among Young Adults in the United States

Vaughn, M. G., Salas-Wright, C. P., DeLisi, M., Shook, J. J., Misuse, 50(3), 403-413. Introduction The author purpose of the study was to determine the level of drug selling among young adults in the united state. The author focused on a subgroup of young adults aged 18-25 years who were...

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