Essays on War on Drugs


The United States is at war and has been fighting a drug war for over a century. At least four heads of state have personally led the drug war. However, the country is losing ground because a large number of opioid addicts and peddlers continue to crowd clinics, trials, and…

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A Witch Hunt in the War on Drugs

Many illicit drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana, and opium, and other psychedelics, have long been used by people for medical, spiritual, and recreational purposes. However, some have been made illegal in the last century, while others have remained legal, raising the question of why the disparities exist. As a result,…

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Drug abuse

Drug misuse is a major threat to many countries worldwide today as a result of its detrimental threats to health and national security. Illegal drugs are killed every year by millions of lives that are endangering both development and consumer nations in social, economic, and political terms. It is a…

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Training Day Movie

The main characters in the film, Training Day, are Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington (Tatti, 2015). The film shows the true lives of two Los Angeles cops participating in the “War on Drugs” in the narcotics department. Hawke portrays rookie policeman Jake Hoyt, newly chosen by Washington to join the…

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