Should the FDA Process be Speed Up?

The easiest commodity to buy in a developed nation in the early stages of economic development should be drugs. However, due to administrative limitations that result in the stalled process of getting drug approval into the market, this is not the situation in the United States. The Food and Drug...

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An Evaluation of the Battle with Essure

The Fight Over Essure: Evaluating Rhetoric Appeals Jennifer Block wrote an article for The Washington Post called "The Fight Over Essure." The focus of the article is on the efficacy of Essure as a pregnancy contraceptive. Essure is a permanent pregnancy-prevention product that is implanted into the fallopian tube of consenting...

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A New Pharmaceutical Has Been Approved

The Process of Bringing a New Drug to Market The process of bringing a new drug to market is typically lengthy and involves several steps. As a result, the procedure may take a long time to complete, and even then, only a tiny percentage of pharmaceuticals produced can pass the examination....

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