Synthesis Essays

This type of academic writing represents a synthesis or a clever mixture of various views on a provided topic. See our essay examples to see how the authors incorporate discovered sources to determine different opinions and connect them with a strong thesis. As a rule, you do not have to defend any opinion because the aim here is to discuss and outline a synthesis of someone else’s research work. Even though every paper sample that you will encounter will remind you of a summary, do not forget to include a personal opinion in your essay example. Every source that you use in a synthesis essay paper must have a clear connection to your thesis statement, either supporting your opinion or taking the opposite side.

FASD Awareness day advertisement

The main aim was to minimize alcohol intake in pregnant women and girls by advertising on the FASD Awareness date of September 9, 2016. The ad below is displayed; The color used in the advertisements allows us to consider the impact on pregnant women and girls of drinking alcohol. The...

Words: 292

Pages: 2


Hegemonic masculinity and aggression have been taken as normal by athletes and game-supporting bodies. Female athletes have faced more of their body's detractors when opposed to male participants. Women who accept their body skills by entering gymnasiums have been concluded to produce better outcomes in tennis fields like Serena Williams....

Words: 906

Pages: 4

A College Application

Clarifying the Deplorable State of Education in Iran Where does one begin to clarify the deplorable state of my country's education? Still, conjure up the picture of a girl living in the country in a dingy and overpopulated setting. Such an individual becomes a victim of both her social environment and...

Words: 628

Pages: 3

Team Learning and Working

Teamwork and its Benefits Two heads are stated to be stronger than one, which explains the value of teamwork. Teamwork helps people to exchange and brainstorm ideas and experiences, which contribute to stronger and more inclusive outcomes. A Child's Role in a Team A child's job as a member of a team starts...

Words: 931

Pages: 4

Why are Police Shooting?

Police Shootings and Officer Killings: A Comparison The essence of police shootings evokes strong feelings in certain cases. In comparison, police officer killings are synonymous with massive disinformation. Montgomery noted in the article 'Why Cops Kill,' that no one was tracking police killings in Florida, the third-largest state in the United...

Words: 456

Pages: 2

Need for Support from production Committee

A Doll's House: Lessons and Virtues A group of us, reading the Doll House, want to play the game to allow us to transfer important lessons and virtues in our everyday lives. As such, we would like the production committee to help our lighting design, as the transmission of the anticipated...

Words: 365

Pages: 2

Keeping a log of my daily routine

Introduction It has been an enlightening activity to keep a record of my daily schedule, which will improve my future time management activities. Strict Schedule I have a strict schedule that consumes a set number of hours per day across my classes. My school timetable and homework decide my schedule. Need for Time Management The...

Words: 290

Pages: 2

Soy beans as a part of healthy food

Over the previous couple of decades, there has been a rise within the production of soybeans globally. Soy is an important a part of the worldwide food supply thanks to its high protein and energy levels. many acres of lands are converted for agriculture either directly or indirectly thanks to...

Words: 856

Pages: 4

Class on Public Speaking

Ken Robinson's Ted Talk: "How Schools Kill Creativity" Ken Robinson gives the Ted Talk speech to be discussed and it is entitled "How Schools Kill Creativity." Robinson promotes the ideology in this speech that modern public education has failed to foster the prosperity of innovative students. Mr. Robinson begins his speech...

Words: 721

Pages: 3

The effect of language and stories on teen fedility in sex education

Language and stories are powerful instruments that can be used to change sex education and enhance teen reality. Teens deserve to be included in interesting conversations about sexuality. The vocabulary used when speaking to these young people is important in helping them cultivate positive sexual behavior. The stories about sexuality...

Words: 2065

Pages: 8

The US Government's Election Limits

Throughout the history of the United States, problems of voting rights, especially the enfranchisement and disenfranchisement of different classes, have been challenged. Since the introduction of the Jim Crow Laws and other similar provisions, along with several other contested voting credentials, rules, and regulations that discourage voters from directly or...

Words: 559

Pages: 3

Proposing a Data Gathering and time management Strategy at Aerotech Inc.

The Aerotech Incorporation client needs assistance in choosing a seminar or training program for time management. This would be done to improve the productivity of the engineering team in the laser systems division. Patrick has no doubt that the division has been underperforming and going past their budgets in comparison to...

Words: 852

Pages: 4

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