Keeping a log of my daily routine


It has been an enlightening activity to keep a record of my daily schedule, which will improve my future time management activities.

Strict Schedule

I have a strict schedule that consumes a set number of hours per day across my classes. My school timetable and homework decide my schedule.

Need for Time Management

The need to keep track of my time and the need to assess my daily routine and work around the available time was underlined by my daily activity schedule.

Classes and Lunch

My classes run from 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM, after which I have lunch and head home. I can reschedule my afternoon activities to discourage monotony as well as safeguard my well-being. Some alternatives that I may consider include having lunch back at home, by getting into a bus home after class, as opposed to having my meal at the restaurant. I can plan my meals such that I can have healthy lunch meals, as opposed to fast foods.

Nap and Sleeping Behavior

I usually have a 3:00 PM nap, which indicates inadequate and poor sleeping behaviors. I can adjust the behavior by having an earlier sleeping time. I can get at least six hours of quality sleep and have a productive day free of drowsiness during the day.

Documenting Expenses

Documenting my daily routine highlighted some areas that demand more attention. The 72-hour log raised a need to document my expenses as well since most of my traveling attracts the question of what percentage of my finances it consumes.

Daily Log

The daily log further facilitates planning of my time, on a daily basis, presently as well as in the future. Daily logging should be embraced to help in managing one's time, and discourage time wastage.

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