Essays on Philosophical Theories

Compare and contrast Titchener Structionalism to the functionalist system of psychology

Introduction Functionalism and structuralism were the first schools of thought in psychology. They are understood through a consideration of historical and the social contexts of their development. AS an independent discipline, psychology was founded by Wilhelm, a Germany scholar in 1879. He explained psychology as a study of conscious experience which...

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Comparison of Alternative Psychological Accounts of Nationalism and National Identity

IntroductionThe term nationalism is used to describe attitudes or actions that particular members of a nation have had concerning their national identity. National identity denotes members of shared ethnicity, origin or cultural ties, something that has been referred to as individual membership in a nation. Nationalism is constructed politically and...

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Nationalism and National Identity

Introduction            The term nationalism is used to describe attitudes or actions that particular members of a nation have having concerning their national identity. On the other hand, national identity denotes members of common ethnicity, origin or cultural ties, something that has been referred to as individual membership in a nation....

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Puritans vs. Separatists

Puritans and Separatists during the English Reformation Puritans and separatists were the two groups which emerged during the development of the English reform. The separatists were a radical Puritans who pushed for the separation of the Church of England and form independent congregations (Roberson, n.d). Puritans, on the other hand, were...

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The Ethical Dilemma of Autonomous Vehicles

Accidents relating to self-driven cars have led to many debates among the public. This paper explores the subject of self-driven vehicles by identifying people that disagree and reasons for their disagreement in the given case study. Thereafter, an exploration of any philosophical principles applied in this case will be analyzed...

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Sartre's Existentialism and Beauvoir's Ethics of Care

Philosophers and Controversial Concepts Philosophers provided several explanations to events and phenomena that could not get an immediate explanation by the common man. The concepts of freedom, good life and becoming a good person in the society was highly controversial since people could not agree on their meanings to life. For...

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The Debate on Free Will and Determinism

The Concept of Free Will The philosophical term “free will” is used to describe the capacity of a rational agent to decide on a course of action from a range of varieties unimpeded. Although several philosophers have not agreed on what course is the free will course; they have at the...

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The Concept of Civil Disobedience in Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King

The Concept of Civil Disobedience The concept of civil disobedience refers to an individual's active refusal to adhere to the rules or regulations set up by an existing authority. There is a lot of controversies over the moral justification of civil disobedience given that it reflects an individual's defiance to conform...

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The Political Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes and his Political Philosophy Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher from the 17th Century period and is work is considered a benchmark for modern political philosophers to analyze. He is best known for his social contract theory and his suggestions to use the theory in making conclusions that people...

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The Question of the Tree Falling in the Forest

Empiricism is a conceivable and instinctual methodology of knowledge. The most renowned empiricists included John Locke, George Berkeley and David Hume (it does not mean that these philosophers agreed with each other, in some cases they had divergent opinions). Empiricist maintains that people can only know something if they can...

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The Concept of Existentialism in Sartre's Existentialism

Existentialism and essence are quite dissimilar in their explanation of human behavior. Existentialism insinuates that man determines fellow men's perception of his character and beliefs based on his attitude towards societal beliefs and activities. Young counters the argument citing the differences in feminism to nature. Essentialism allows individuals to base...

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A Comparison of the Buddhist and Immanuel Kant's Approaches to Enlightenment

The human condition and enlightenment are topics whose entanglement leads to the eruption of philosophical debates regarding the definitions of this term as well as what these perspectives mean for individuals’ achievement of enlightenment. In particular, the Eastern and Western philosophical schools of thought present different approaches to understanding enlightenment...

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