Essays on Virtue Ethics

The Ethical Dilemma of Autonomous Vehicles

Accidents relating to self-driven cars have led to many debates among the public. This paper explores the subject of self-driven vehicles by identifying people that disagree and reasons for their disagreement in the given case study. Thereafter, an exploration of any philosophical principles applied in this case will be analyzed...

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Virtue Ethics (VE) Theory

Robert Louden's Criticisms of Virtue Ethics I agree with Robert Louden's criticisms of the Virtue Ethics theory because they are correct. In this essay, I shall examine and evaluate Louden's allegation against virtue ethics in his book 'Virtue Ethics and Anti-theory,' as well as provide important reasons why I believe his...

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Virtue ethics

According to virtue ethics, ethical thought must be appraised on the basis of the individual's character rather than their actions or effects. Every human being has a goal, which is known as eudemonia. This might be translated as happiness, a nice life, or joy. Living a virtuous life can help...

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Obstacles to Virtue Presented in Frankenstein

Frankenstein: A Tale of Morality and Madness Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley in the early nineteenth century, tells the tale of a genius, Victor Frankenstein, who creates a man-monster whose name is eventually mispronounced as Frankenstein. Victor creates a creature that he comes to despise as a result of his discovery...

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Moral laws

The foundation of moral laws can be regarded as the right action or behaviour. The Virtue Ethics that deal with an individual's moral acts are based on these laws. Therefore, in Chapter 12 of the book The Aspect of Moral Philosophy written by James Rachels, I respond to the ethics...

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