Essays on Utilitarianism

Definition of rights

The traditional concept of types of human rights is divided into three groups. The first is that rights are political laws established by the government that determine what should happen. The other is that rights are God-given moral rules that define what an individual should do. The third is that…

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Pragmatism in the United States

Perhaps the most distinctive contribution of America to philosophy is pragmatism. Founded in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by James, Dewey, and Pierce, pragmatism holds that an idea’s truth and meaning are actually a precept of its associated practical outcome (“12 – American Transcendentalism and Pragmatism”). As a…

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A Happiness Handbook

Friedrich Nietzsche, a philosopher, believed that all worthwhile gains in life derive from the experience of overcoming adversity. He believed that life was meaningless and miserable without pain. Pain and misery, he believes, are essential evils in a person’s life. For a person to live a satisfying life, he must…

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War, Revolution, Terrorism and Utilitarianism by Mill

What is the claim that terrorist attacks often intentionally destroy innocent people (555-556) complicate? How can one challenge innocence, which makes the concept of terrorism more complicated? The current academic view of terrorism and the public opinion on the subject are clearly divided. Terrorists, contrary to blind animosity, are considered…

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Utilitarianism’s Possibilities

Humans are taught to accept the moral truths of their actions, which is the foundation of morality. However, utilitarianism contradicts fundamental moral beliefs while re-establishing the line between good and evil. Thus, utilitarianism is the concept that an action’s moral worth is explicitly determined by its cumulative utility in maximizing…

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John Mill’s Distinction between Pleasures

The utilitarianism theory, founded by John Stuart Mill, attempts to decide whether a particular action is right or wrong. Mill decided that an action is correct if it maximizes the subjects’ or the public’s satisfaction while minimizing their suffering. However, he was widely criticized, and his theory was dubbed “the…

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BENTHAM’S UTILITARIANISM and how it affects the response to capability

Utilitarianism can be seen from different dimensions, one of which is the nominative ethics that basically adumbrates utilitarianism as a conventional system linked to the time between the English philosophers and economists of the 18th and 19th centuries in the form of Jeremy Bethany and his fellow philosopher who embraced…

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L. Allan (2015). Animal Rights and the Wrongness of Killing has represented the logic behind the widely held belief that there are differences between killing a person and killing an animal. The thesis further stresses the development of a utilitarian-oriented paradigm as opposed to standard methods that might demarcate the…

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Comparison of Utilitarianism and Justice Theories

The utilitarianism and the philosophy of justice refer to this ethical case. The utilitarian system nonetheless fits in well on the basis of its values that have the least damage and the greatest benefit for all (Melden). In the case of Google limiting PragerU’s images, applying the principles of utilitarianism,…

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